Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Focus Friday

Focus Friday

Last week's recap:

Friday- Metro 7pm, Spring Cleaning!, workout--did it
Saturday- East 7pm, Spring Cleaning!,--did it
Sunday- East 7pm, Maybe walgreens shop, Spring Cleaning!, workout--did it cept walgreens, wasn't impressed by anything
Monday- Metro 7pm, laundry, Spring Cleaning!--did it
Tuesday-, Spring Cleaning,!, workout,--did it and went to Kmart!
Wednesday-, Spring Cleaning!,workout, no surfing*, get car receipts out and make a log of car repairs, get receipts for daycare together, go thru DVDs and sort them--did it
Thursday- Educator Meeting 6:30 work East 7:00, Spring Cleaning!,workout

The spring cleaning is going pretty well with as much as i'm working. I washed my slip cover today and the pillows, and also cleaned the oven the other day, along with cleaning the lint out of the dryer.

Onto this week, another horrible work week:
Friday- Metro I ordered #92143336, the dark brown coach #104200271, the black D&G #98192685, D&G sunglasses #7 #97976899, Coach sunglasses #8 7pm, Spring Cleaning!, workout, pick up swingset
Saturday- Metro 7pm, Michaella's party Spring Cleaning!
Sunday- Metro 7pm, last day of sunday school, Spring Cleaning!, workout
Monday- Metro 7pm, laundry, Spring Cleaning!
Tuesday-, Spring Cleaning,!, Meeting at Metro 5:30, workout, renew nursing license
Wednesday-, Spring Cleaning!,workout, start pricing things for garage sale this summer
Thursday- Spring Cleaning!,workout, maybe steam clean carpets (depends on weather), put air in tires of car and bike.

Wish me luck!!!

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