Monday, December 31, 2012

January 2013 Goals in Life

January Goals In Life

-No more freezer meals (no room in freezer), we're going to keep $50/wk groceries if we can and try a new recipe every week-ongoing goal
-Get Zak involved in soccer/baseball and a class at the Y-ongoing goal
-Get Jimmy involved in the Y when he is 6 mo also a library storytime- ongoing goal 
-Eat out on a budget too. Not more than 2x/mo unless we're invited- ongoing goal
-Workout 2x/wk instead of 3 I think is more doable for me. Jimmy can go in childwatch at 5mos- ongoing goal

- Holiday Camplands twice this summer if we can again-July and August?
- Invite a family member over for dinner 1x/week-ongoing goal 
- Try to do a date night once a month-ongoing goal
- read 3 books by next year-ongoing goal
- church on sundays at least 2x/mo-ongoing goal
- get movies to dvd-by march
- find Zak and Jimmy the best possible sitter-By February
- keep getting Zak to the library-ongoing goal

Make Money
- inbox dollars-ongoing goal
- expo tv -ongoing goal
- nursing videos-ongoing goal
- couponing when appropriate-ongoing goal
- speedy rewards-ongoing goal
- swagbucks-ongoing goal
- Adams commision-ongoing goal
- homecare, check in every 3 months (Feb,May,Aug, Nov)  --checked in jan, she said they would contact me

- Get rid of Levin and Home Depot-By April
- Pay off credit card every 2 weeks-ongoing goal
- Pay off Patio-By March

- Do Patio and yard ($11,000 in cash)-ongoing goal
- Save for hot tub-ongoing goal
- clean up walls from amy's party and get door hung- by March
- fill the rest of the photo frames-by February

2013 budget
I'm just going to update how we did. We are using Dave Ramsey's system and so far without a paycheck in December we're not doing terrible.-ongoing goal

- Clinical ladder start 2013s-ongoing goal
- Volunteer for 3 Lake Health events- Heartwalk #1,
- See if there's a research project to help with
- Help with Competency Day
- Project for our unit
- Go to a Maternity Conference   
- NCC renewal 2013-December
- ACLS renewal 1/3
- CEUs-- do a bunch for clinical ladder 2013-ongoing goal

Monthly Meals
-Make a weekly menu-ongoing goal
- $11,000 for patio-ongoing goal
- start Jimmy's savings-after baptism
- put $$ towards emergency fund-start after patio

 Bigger projects to tackle once a week
- Organize pantry
- Dscale Keurig
- Put away James's outgrown clothes
- Go through bin in Garage for Zaks new clothes
- Clean washing machine
- Clean dishwasher
- Return xmas items
- Clean cookie sheets

My weekly routine is (for now):
Mon- laundry boys clothes, cook recipe and bake
Tues- laundry our clothes, cook recipe, workout, invite family for dinner
Wed- Clean kitchen, leftovers, work
Thurs- workout, Easy meal 
Fri- recipe, clean bathrooms, cook recipe
Sat- leftovers
Sun- Grocery Shop

Update of 2012 Goals

-Continue with freezer meals (budget $50/wk with groceries)--Didn't do too bad here
-Keep Zak involved in swimming (Tuesdays 5:45pm), soccer (starting up in april), Basketball (Saturday morning)--he did very well here
-Only eat out with giftcards, goal is 2x/mo unless invited--recently, we're doing very well with this
-workout 3x/wk once with adam--the pregnancy threw this the newborn is throwing this off
- Holiday Camplands twice this summer if we can--we did this!
- Drive to New York--we went to NC instead
- Meme's house once a week for dinners---she comes here
- read 3 books by next year--I did this
- date nights/family nights 1 day a week--did good here
- adoption for Zak--Mr Zak Kelbach to you
- church with zak 2x/mo--We are doing well here
- movies to dvd--I need more DVDs
- 2011 scrapbook--done!
Make Money
- inbox dollars--Got a $30 check
- expo tv--I was able to pay for most of Zaks Ipad
- help Jim with pib houses--We aren't doing this
- Get rid of Quentin Rd--As of May
- Pay off credit card every 2 weeks-- Good here
- Sell 1036 Quentin Rd--Yahoo!
- Get a new house--We love it!
- Make a trip to IKEA--Love this place!
- Get a new mattress from Dave--Love our bed!
- New house then a new list--We got that too!
2012 budget

all year savings
- $400/mo house downpayment
- Zaks $25/mo in savings and budget for camp ($115/week for 10 weeks i believe) (from charles schwab acct)
- House funds and Emergency fund $100 in each/mo (from Charles Schwab acct)
- Roth $216/mo (from Charles Schwab acct)
= $13,692 + $1,150 for camp = $1020/mo then bills. ($756 transferred to Charles Schwab account from PNC acct)
then: $50/wk $200/mo groceries
         $75/mo gas
         $80/mo electric
         $800/mo mortgage
         $350/mo in car gas
         $20/mo life insurance
         $40/mo entertainment (people over, going out etc)
         $30/mo pharmacy 
         $20/mo fast food (including coffee)
         $110/mo gifts
         any auto repairs i'll pull from savings
         $160/mo cell phone
         $89.94 home internet & tv
         $35/mo home security
         $600/6 mo = $100/mo insurance
         $200/mo shopping (including clothing, toys, house stuff)
         $70/mo ymca
=$3399.94 total (includes adams car gas, home security we split, we split gifts, insurance, and phone, he pays me)

Look into moving my accounts all to pnc
- Clinical ladder 2011 almost done, start 2012--done!
- NCC renewal--2013
- NRP renewal--yep
- ACLS renewal--Jan 3
- BLS renewal--done
- CEUs--try to find some cheap all mine done
- Work extra when needed--I did as much as I could

Monthly Meals

-Make a calendar of our meals of the month--I use paprika that helps a lot
- House--We spent a ton on Quentin!
Also I stopped blogging after Jimmy, I have to get back in the groove.