Monday, February 4, 2013

February 2013 Financial Accounts

February Financial Goals

Here are my accounts as they stand for February 2012
    Non PNC accounts
    Red last month Orange This month Green gain $$ Blue lose money

  • Charles Schwab (high yeild checking): $2066.71 $2051.96 $14.75
  • Charles Schwab savings: $100 $100 same
    Personal Accounts at pnc
  • PNC spend : $1112 $965.68 $146.32
  • PNC reserve: $500.11 same
  • PNC savings: $5016.91 $5014.73 $2.18
  • PNC House savings- $5284.73  $6284.73 $1000

Investments Accounts

  • Roth IRA (5/09 opened) at PNC: $10932.61 $10941.72 $19.99
  • IRA at PNC: $10352.60 $10360.93 $8.33
  • LHS retirement account: $11678.37 $12303.70 $625.33
  • Zak's discover savings account: $3160.77 $3163.19 $2.42
  • Zak's College Advantage fund: $1792.98 $1830.75 $37.77
  • Jimmy's savings account:
  • Jimmy's College Advantage Fund: 

    Misc Accounts

  • Speedy points: 44788 45062 274
  • Swagbucks!: 3339 3381 42

Lost: $146.32 and saved $1002.16

February Goals in Life

February Goals In Life

-No more freezer meals (no room in freezer), we're going to keep $50/wk groceries if we can and try a new recipe every week-made a list of weekly meals. Crockpot, Easy, Hard, bake something, and Cheap :)
-Get Zak involved in soccer/baseball and a class at the Y-We're going to start up Soccer in April, just taking a break for now
-Get Jimmy involved in the Y when he is 6 mo also a library storytime- started storytime :) He loves it
-Eat out on a budget too. Not more than 2x/mo unless we're invited-going well here
-Workout 2x/wk instead of 3 I think is more doable for me. Jimmy can go in childwatch at 5mos-I've done once a week. I need time and motivation, lately nethier of them are there..

- Holiday Camplands twice this summer if we can again-July and August?
- Invite a family member over for dinner 1x/week-We had my dad and meme over and Jesse multiple times
- Try to do a date night once a month-haven't had one :(
- read 3 books by next year-Reading Gone Girl now
- church on sundays at least 2x/mo-Working saturday nights still...
- get movies to dvd-by march. I will try to pick up dvds this month
- find Zak and Jimmy the best possible sitter-She starts soon!!
- keep getting Zak to the library-He has one book out now. I won't let him do anymore bc then he loses them

Make Money
- inbox dollars-ongoing goal---very bad this month
- expo tv -ongoing goal---same here
- nursing videos-ongoing goal---he wants a break
- couponing when appropriate-ongoing goal
- speedy rewards-45,062 pts
- swagbucks-3378 pts
- Adams commision-ongoing goal---not as good as we expected :(
- homecare, check in every 3 months (Feb,May,Aug, Nov)  --checked in jan, she said they would contact me

- Get rid of Levin and Home Depot-By April---Levin may get pushed off. Home depot=priority
- Pay off credit card every 2 weeks-ongoing goal
- Pay off Patio-By March- Were at $6,200!

- Do Patio and yard ($12,000 in cash)-ongoing goal
- Save for hot tub-ongoing goal--Next February
- clean up walls from amy's party and get door hung- Done. We have our final Ryan homes walk thru soon
- fill the rest of the photo frames-I have to do this...March goal

2013 budget
I'm just going to update how we did. We are using Dave Ramsey's system and so far without a paycheck in December we're not doing terrible.

- Clinical ladder start 2013s-ongoing goal
- Volunteer for 3 Lake Health events- Heartwalk #1, Landerhaven blood drive #2
- See if there's a research project to help with--This isn't going well...
- Help with Competency Day- Fetal monitoring class
- Teach scrub classes- 2 classes this month :)
- Project for our unit--working no this
- Go to a Maternity Conference-- trying to find some
- NCC renewal 2013-December
- ACLS renewal 1/3--done!!!
- CEUs-- do a bunch for clinical ladder 2013-ongoing goal

Monthly Meals
-Make a weekly menu-ongoing goal
- $11,000 for patio-ongoing goal
- start Jimmy's savings-after baptism
- put $$ towards emergency fund-start after patio

 Bigger projects to tackle once a week
- Organize pantry--done
- Dscale Keurig---done
- Put away James's outgrown clothes
- Go through bin in Garage for Zaks new clothes
- Clean washing machine
- Clean dishwasher
- Return xmas items
- Clean cookie sheets

My weekly routine is (for now):
Mon- laundry boys clothes, cook recipe and bake
Tues- laundry our clothes, cook recipe, workout, invite family for dinner
Wed- Clean kitchen, leftovers, work
Thurs- workout, Easy meal 
Fri- recipe, clean bathrooms, cook recipe
Sat- leftovers
Sun- Grocery Shop
           **storytime mon tues or wed