Wednesday, August 3, 2011

October Financial Goals

Expenses I expect this month:
-Baltimore Trip: $300
-Sarah's Wedding: $100
-Jaimie's Shower: Already have gifts
-Halloween: $50 on costumes

Wedding plans this month:
SO happy this is over, new column
POST Wedding plans this month:
-More thank you cards!
-Get all the pics uploaded to CVS to print
-pick out a couple for the wall
-organize the upstairs closet
-pick up dress when ready
-change my name

For my accounts according to
Red is last month Orange is this month
(We are skipping this this month bc last month was so crazy, so here's just updated totals)


  • Charles Schwab (high yeild checking): $2068.33

  • Charles Schwab savings: $1051.97

  • PNC $2945.51 $1751.65 down $1193.86

  • PNC $10.02

  • PNC $2723.93

  • Capital One emergency: $10148.56

  • Capital One Savings: $1084.55

  • Smartypig (our wedding fund): $13008,75 $14558.75 closed and moved $16041 to adam's savings for save keeping, we made it :)


  • Charles Schwab Roth IRA (5/09 opened): $11345.56

  • LHS retirement account: $5072.61

  • OPERS retirement account(account now closed, opened Traditional IRA 5/10): $10124.19

  • Zak's Etrade savings account: $3000.29

  • Zak's CollegeAdvantage fund: $1353.20

  • MISC

  • Speedy points: 146809

  • Swagbucks!: 1702

Total gained: $0, we're starting over

August Goals in Life



- 2 days a week do bootcamp at the Y, EA sports or run other days - I have started another bootcamp with my friend Anna. Also the girls and I after work started to run :)

- Zak library days once every couple weeks--We are going to go this week
- Meme's house once a week for dinners--Had her over 2x and will continue to
- start a book--Been so busy!!
Vanishing Acts
The Next thing on my List
The Last Kiss
The Choice
The Holocaust Diaries
My horizontal life Been too busy again this month!!
- date nights/family nights 1 day a week--Sat/Sun--No money to :( We did do a puzzle together tonight :)
Make Money
- inbox dollars: $23.17 (with 18 unread emails, sheesh!)
- coupons: used some but didn't keep track
- expo tv: Current balance: 15379(Goal: 60000) -- same
- hit 4 pay: Current balance: $13---I think i'm giving up on this one, its too slow.
- beeZag: Current balance: 1330 (goal 8000)
- ATM: This month we made: $25

- ipads and macbook- will pay off by next year this time. 12 mo no interest. -$215 I pay every month with Adams help
- Pay off credit card every 2 weeks--Doing well here too.

- Clean out closets (Jan,March,June,Sept)--I have to go through it this month because Adam threw things everywhere when we had a showing
- Randi clean once a month-- We used her one time
- We need to sell our house.- Just being patient
- Fix little things, paint touch ups etc - All done, just chilling out now, keeping it clean and tidy. I would like to clean the garage a little bit

2011 budget

all year savings
- $500/mo wedding (from PNC acct)
- Zaks $25/mo in savings and budget for camp ($115/week for 10 weeks i believe) (from charles schwab acct)
- House funds and Emergency fund $100 in each/mo (was $265/mo for both accounts, but i'm decreasing it next year) (from Charles Schwab acct)
- Roth $416/mo (from Charles Schwab acct)--decreasing to $216/mo and other $200 will go to savings for a down payment
= $13,692 + $1,150 for camp = $1236/mo then bills. ($441 transferred to Charles Schwab account from PNC acct then $200 into savings at pnc)

Working an extra 12 hr shift a pay until the wedding so we can pay it!
then: $50/wk groceries
 $50/mo gas
$60/mo cleaning lady
$72/mo electric
$790/mo mortgage
$182/mo in car gas
$20/mo life insurance
$40/mo entertainment (people over, going out etc)
$30/mo pharmacy
$20/mo fast food (we are no longer buying out coffee)
$110/mo gifts
$215/mo macbook ipads
any auto repairs i'll pull from savings
$180/mo cell phone and home internet
$100/mo house stuff/decor etc

=$3205 total

This is tight, but so far so good.

- Clinical ladder--Got my check :) the 2011 one came out and i am starting on that
- Work wed/thurs sat/sun--This has been hard
- hopefully get a Nurse Facilitator Job!--extra and overtime, long days!

Starting with a new list from my other blog
Chicken Enchiladas we had tonight.


We're on the 1 month countdown now!!

this is what we have done so far:

Davids Bridal: $2.16 (swatches), $77.09 for bra under my dress
The Knot: $88.39, $132.62 gifts and our cake cutter and flutes
China: $232 dress, $60.35 (Tiara)
Pat Catans: $15.83 (sand stuff, which I guess we don’t need, but we do need candles which ill get)
Church: $75 (precana)
Walmart: $21 (flower basket, ring bearer pillow)
Jelwelry: $707.85
Cake Topper: $22.96
Tux: $20 (they made me put down a deposit)
Honeymoon: $1261.98 (resort), $378.60, $378.60 (airfares)
Invites- $233.25

Hotel for us: $143.10

bubbles for ceremony- $37.13

license to wed: July 10- $44

Tip for Church- $50

save the dates: $145

my shoes: $20

Cake- $300 –paid

Tuxes- $60 – paid (we need it back)

= $4521.91

We still have tentively:
Italian American Club (our reception)- $7000
A Crystal Clear Sound and video (our photographer, videographer, and DJ)- $2550
Liquor- $500 –paid ($280 so far)
Florist - $117.42 + ceremony décor and boutonnières and cortèges 29.42, 8.20
Rehearsal Dinner- thinking around $250

Tip for church: $50

buy candles for unity candle.

Things to do this month:

Finish the song list for the DJ – Adam has one more song to add

-make thank you sign, I’ll make that this month

buy candy for reception, I’ll buy that this month too

buy candles for unity candle

pack for honeymoon & overnight bag after wedding

Have Jackie test my makeup after a spray tan (August something)

manicure and pedicure (I’m gonna do press on nails and a pedicure)

-print off ceremony booklets and readings (Hopefully Britt will print one and I can get them copied)

-placecards start this month

-call pat catans and confirm flowers (august 15)

-call limo company and confirm (august 15)

-call calas for catering (august 15)

-call Lee for seating arraignments and finalize food

-call Maria the cake lady

Master List of August things to accomplish
    • Gotta get to the gym 3 times a week.
    • Dinner with Meme on whatever days we can!
    • Family nights still remain
    • Zak starts school and soccer :) so go shopping for school supplies
    • clean out garage
    • declutter closets
    • start clinical ladder and CEUs
    • make snack list for zaks soccer team
    • expo tv every monday/friday--hold again for this month til after the wedding
    • finish our RSVPs
    • finish song list
    • Call charles schwab on my IRA--hold until after the wedding
    • buy candy for wedding, placecards, unity candle, thank you sign, print and copy ceramony programs
    • call wedding places 8/15 and finish rsvps 8/15
    • book a day for jackie to do my makeup (spray tan day before)
    • book a pedicure for 9/9am
    • Pay CC 8/11 add up adams chuck purchases and 8/25 add up adams chuck purchases , transfer $$ 8/11 (savings to outside accts, wedding $250 last month!!) then 8/25 (savings, wedding $250 and bills)