Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I just entered a giveaway over at One Day One Dollar at a Time

Its for a bunch of cleaning products which we are in the need of for spring cleaning!!

Also a $50 Giftcard!

Kitchen Tip Tuesday

In the morning, always have a plan. For me, when I get off work, I come home, look up what meal is planned for the night and pull the stuff I need to from the freezer. It makes things a heck of a lot easier!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Making my home a haven

Well it's monday and my 3d shift in a row. One more to go. So, little things of the day:

1. Charge video camera

2. wash dishes

3. return library stuff

4. do zak's sight words with him

5. make sure all bills are paid

Then work!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Focus Friday

Focus Friday
Friday- Window Nation at 4:30 for estimate--I'm going to cancel it. I got windows yesterday :-), call 2 more tree companies for estimates, call this reading program for my son, workout, copy DVDs, print coupons out, order dress for wedding.

Saturday- Laundry, clean, 7pm Metro, delete files on my computer

Sunday- Sunday school, 7pm Metro, clip coupons

Monday- 7pm metro, sort coupons, make sure all bills are paid

Tuesday- 7pm East

Wednesday- Kindermusik, shop for wrapping paper for zaks gifts, laundry, rest. It's a long work week.

Thursday- 7pm Metro, pick up Zak's pictures

I'm gonna be dead this week. Hopefully I can keep up with housework. Nothing is worse than coming home to a dirty house every morning. I hope to get estimates on trees and pick out one to trim my tree. I want to workout, but I dont even know when. I will try to before i shower before work. We'll see. Here is a review from last week.

  • Coupons--- check

  • Window estimate--- check

  • Home Depot Class--- no :( Zak got really sick

  • Switch with someone so I can go to my friend Carmella's party-- wasnt able to

  • Look for a good swingset for Zak--waiting for Toys r us to email me

  • Wrap Zak's gifts---need wrapping paper lol

  • incorporate strength training into workouts on work days--- i'm not doing this workout Workout Videos from Fitness Magazine

  • Run 10 miles--- just started the strength training instead of just running.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kitchen Tip Tuesday

I don't have many "kitchen tips", but one I have learned is what I shared when I posted my monthly meals and that's to toast bread and then put butter on it and rub a garlic clove on it. It's delicious. I learned it from Rachel Ray and use it often. It's easier for me to do that than have a leftover loaf of garlic bread, considering it's just me and my son.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Making my home a haven

I was interested in this blog. Her name is Tammy. She is continuing a blog made by someone who is taking on 3 children and no longer can continue blogging. I want to participate in her Monday challenges (though in my life it may be whenever im off work that week).

Check it out: Tammy's Recipes

My Morning Routine:

  • Call window companies for estimates

  • Call tree companies for estimates

  • Go to the store

  • clean kitchen

  • finish laundry

And I completed them :-)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Focus Friday

Focus Friday
Focus Friday

Last weeks review
I was pleased with last week. I did a lot that wasn't even on my list. Including, going shopping at walmart and Aldi. I got my dad a fabric steamer for Father's Day. He irons every morning, so I hope this will help him save time. My friend adam had one out in St. Louis and it was amazing. I actually picked up one for myself.

I also jailbroke my ipod. For those of you who are confused, it means I customized it. I now can do so much more on it. I swear, the best investment I have made. My son loves it, it keeps me organized. I love it. And now I can play old games on it like Megaman and Dr Mario lol Jackie.

I also finished up my class stuff for Caring for Kids. It is ready to be taught. I have flyers that i'm looking at as I type this. I got Zak's daycare to post one for me. Hopefully it's a hit.

I also started another blog. Here it is Our Adventures

And to wrap up last week. You can scroll down. I did everything. Including running! Woo hoo. Tuesday I ran outside, it was about 50 degrees.

This week

  • Coupons

  • Window estimate

  • Home Depot Class

  • Switch with someone so I can go to my friend Carmella's party

  • Look for a good swingset for Zak

  • Wrap Zak's gifts

  • incorporate strength training into workouts on work days

  • Run 10 miles

Friday- Clean, have friends over, paint wall, run

Saturday- Window estimate 10am, workout, go out with Lake East friends

Sunday- Sunday school, Home depot class at 1, workout, coupons, go to walgreens/cvs, clean kitchen living room and basement. Do laundry. Pick out a house projecT

Monday- workout, on call 7p-11, Laundry, wrap zak's gifts

Tuesday- workout, metro 7pm

Wednesday- Kindermusik

Thursday- workout

Friday workout

Monday, March 9, 2009

Focus Friday

  • Pay my dad for the condo charges
  • Go shopping at walgreens and cvs again
  • Send out invite to my sons party
  • Get receipts together for my daycare costs for my flexible spending account
  • Show my grandma facebook
  • Go thru my coupons
  • touch up my living room walls
  • Get Zak's 4 yr old pictures taken
  • Start sorting my pictures on my computer
  • Run 10 Miles ( Did 2.5 today :) )

Here is my scedhule this week:
Friday- Day off!! workout, Taking Zak to Zero gravity, eating dinner with chris's parents, pay my dad, show my grandma facebook
Saturday- Laundry, clip and sort new coupons, nap, Metro 7pm, get receipts together
Sunday- Sunday School, sleep, Metro 7pm, get receipts together, clip and sort new coupons
Monday- sleep, Lake East 3:30 for evaluation, On call 7p-11p, get receipts together, Go shopping at walgreens and CVS, sort pics on computer
Tuesday- Send out invite to my sons party, Metro 7pm
Wednesday- sleep, Kindermusik 4:30, workout
Thursday- workout, Class 3p-11pm
Friday- OFF! Workout, Get Zak's pictures taken!, paint with friends maybe?, hopefully have friends over that night

Review from Last week
  • Sign up for time at Lake East
  • Keep on cooking my meals
  • finish my book and get a new one
  • I didn't get a new book yet.
  • run at least 10 miles.
    I ran 7.
And here's a little video of my son from my new video camera :)

Walgreens, cvs, and giant eagle deals

I did so good this week. At cvs I spent:
Saved a total of $15.02 plus $10.50 which equals $25.52

At walgreens:
Spent $38.24
Saved a total of $59.16 and rebate of $

Giant eagle:
Spent: $4.00
Saved $4.36 and $2.36 equals $6.72

I got a ton:

I'm happy with how I did. Here's all I got:


Axe $5.99
$5.99 Mail in Rebate= FREE

Butterball Chicken Broth .69 w/page 2 coupon
Buy nine and submit for $5.00
= $1.21/ 9 cans after ad coupon and rebate

Wrigley’s Orbit, Eclipse Gum 1.98/3
I picked up 6 packs
=.99/3 cents

Glade Scented Oil Sense and Spray Starter Kit $7.99
$4.00 Glade Easy Saver Coupon page 29
Use $4.00 Glade

Garnier Fructis Shampoo, Conditioner, Styler $2.99
$2.00 Easy Saver Coupon

Use $1.00 Garnier

I picked up 4 bottles

=FREE after both coupons ALL was free

Noxzema Bikini Shavers $2.99
$2.00 Easy Saver coupon

Then it was buy one get one free so I got 2

= .99¢/2 after Easy Saver Coupon

Gillette Fusion Gamer $7.89
Get $4.00 Register Reward
Use $4.00 Gillette Fusion

picked up 2 of these

= Free plus $.11 overage

Skintimate or Edge shave gel $1.99
Get$1.00 Register Reward
= .99 after RR

Right Guard or Dry Idea Deodorant $2.59
$2.00 Register Reward
Use $1.00 Right Guard or Dry Idea 3/8/S
= FREE after coupon and RR plus $.40 overage

Lysol Disinfecting Wipes $4.00/2
Use $1.00/1 Lysol Disinfecting Wipes

Use $1/2

I picked up 4 of these
= $1.00 after coupon

Herbal Essence Hydralicious Sham or Cond $2.88

Get $1.00 ECBUse $3.00/2 Herbal Essence 2/8/PG

=.38¢ each after coupon and ECB

Secret Flawless Invisible solid $3.99

$1.00 ECBUSE $2.00 Secret Flawless 2/22/RP

= .99 after coupon and ECB

Crest Pro-Health toothpaste 4.2oz $2.99

Crest rinse 250 ml or

Get $2.00 ECB

USE $1.00 Crest 2/8/PG

Use .75 Crest 3/1/PG

Use .75 Crest Rinse

= Free - .24¢ after coupon and ECB

Giant Eagle
4 coffee mate creamers
used 4 $.50 off coupons
then went up to customer service because they didn't double and the lady accidently took off $.59 on each

Friday, March 6, 2009

I copy my twin

Well My twin over at Livin Life 13 Weeks at a time, told me to join her on focus fridays. SO! Here's the first. This week my goals are:

  • Sign up for time at Lake East
  • Keep on cooking my meals
  • finish my book and get a new one
  • run at least 10 miles.
Well see how this goes

Debt, Spending Frugal and Savings for March (well to recap feb)

This following Debt, spending, frugal, and savings is taken from my sister's blog. I think it's a great idea.

  • Debt: My only debt is my house. I would like to have it paid off in the 30 yrs. As of right now, I don't want to make it a priority due to me trying to get things fixed in it.
  • Spending: I want to cut back on going out to dinner. Once a month, if that.
  • Frugal: I'm making my menus and only buying what's for those.
  • Savings: give $200/mo to Emergency and House fund. Also, more to my large savings.

  • Ok Red is last month and Purple is this months:

    For my accounts according to mint.com:

    • Etrade (high yeild savings account): $16,394- $15,623.38 down $770.62

    • Etrade (house fund): $439- $840.34 up $401.34
    • Etrade (emergency fund): $862- $1,263.94 up $401.94
    • Chase (low yeild checking): $1267- $2,000.64 up $733.64

    • Charles Schwab (high yeild checking): $1380- $819.39 down $560.61

    • Charles Schwab savings: $1006- $998.94 down $7.06

    • LHS retirement account: $2189- $1,983.39 down $205.61

    • OPERS retirement account: $3504- $3,861.08 up $357.08

    • Zak's Etrade savings account:$1282- $1,284.02 up $2.03
    • Zak's CollegeAdvantage fund: $602- $494.69 down $107.31 (plus some that I put into my life insurance)
    • Coupon savings this month: $0- $70.43 up $70.43
    • Speedy points: 129988- 134443 up 4455
    • Anne Geddes points: 11,532 same- 11,562 up 32
    • Cash back points: (I need to sign up, i will edit this later)
    • Shop at home.com points: balance now $10.00998

    Totals: up $1536.92 actual money. Didnt include retirement, zak's money or other things that aren't true savings to me. That's higher than last month!! And! I went on vacation in that time!

    I bought a new lawn mower today and a new video camera. I did the best I could finding a deal. Closeout lawnmower at sears and at buy.com the video camera was the best deal i could find!

    Monday, March 2, 2009

    Meals for the Month

    Lets see if this works better for me. I like to plan meals but don't always have the time every week. So, i put together a menu for the whole month of march. My problem next month is going to be finding more recipes.

    Every week I am incorporating a fish and an "easy" meal (one or two some weeks), a pasta and a chicken

    Week 1
    Easy parm. crusted fish
    cheesy chicken rollups
    grilled cheese
    parm crusted chicken cutlets

    Week 2
    Fish with butter and garlic---I broil the fish with a little butter and garlic on top YUM!
    Easy chicken parm
    chicken and brocolli alfredo
    stovetop stuffed chicken rolls

    Week 3
    Taco bake
    Italian chicken rolls
    cheesy stuffed shells
    chicken and biscuits
    mac & cheese(Good ol kraft)

    Week 4
    Ravioli with bacon
    foil pack chicken and brocolli dinner
    chicken with parm garlic and herb crust
    frozen pizza
    hamburger helper

    Tonight i'm doing spaghetti with garlic bread. A little tip I learned from Rachel Ray is rub hot toast with garlic then with butter. Then you don't have to heat up the whole loaf if you are just one person like me.

    Any good recipes? Please post.

    the budgeted amounts

    Monthly Expense Record

    Net income:


    Groceries total: $96.78
    Fast food/dining out/school lunches-total: $40.70


    cleaners/maintinence/house/yard- total: $69.10

    appliances/furniture/furnishings/supplies- total: $18.87


    gas- $18.19 $22.62, $13.12, $104.76- total: $113.38

    auto maintinance/wash/license- $500 deductible :( total: $166

    taxi/transit/tolls/parking- $27.44 out of pay


    clothing/dry clean- total: $61.46


    doctor/dentist/vision/medicine/vitamins- total: $28.60


    vacation trips- $50.99


    computer- Total=$55.42


    eldercare/childcare/sitter/tutor- total: $352


    giftcards/flowers- total: $103.98

    Fixed expenses:

    Mortgage: 393.74, 393.74 total: $787.48

    Gas: total: $151.50

    Electric: total:$38.22

    water: total: $17

    Garbage: total: $12

    Telephone/internet: total: 23.93?

    Cell Phone: total: 75.01

    Cable: $54.93

    Life insurance:$78.98, $5.83 Gerber total: $84.81

    Total budgeted Debt= $2422.75

    Total budgeted income:$3516.06

    Total left if using the budget: $1093.31

    Ok next i'm going to go do my taxes and later plug these into mint.com so I can follow it. :)
    I also made a menu....soon to come. I actually did a whole month.