Friday, March 6, 2009

Debt, Spending Frugal and Savings for March (well to recap feb)

This following Debt, spending, frugal, and savings is taken from my sister's blog. I think it's a great idea.

  • Debt: My only debt is my house. I would like to have it paid off in the 30 yrs. As of right now, I don't want to make it a priority due to me trying to get things fixed in it.
  • Spending: I want to cut back on going out to dinner. Once a month, if that.
  • Frugal: I'm making my menus and only buying what's for those.
  • Savings: give $200/mo to Emergency and House fund. Also, more to my large savings.

  • Ok Red is last month and Purple is this months:

    For my accounts according to

    • Etrade (high yeild savings account): $16,394- $15,623.38 down $770.62

    • Etrade (house fund): $439- $840.34 up $401.34
    • Etrade (emergency fund): $862- $1,263.94 up $401.94
    • Chase (low yeild checking): $1267- $2,000.64 up $733.64

    • Charles Schwab (high yeild checking): $1380- $819.39 down $560.61

    • Charles Schwab savings: $1006- $998.94 down $7.06

    • LHS retirement account: $2189- $1,983.39 down $205.61

    • OPERS retirement account: $3504- $3,861.08 up $357.08

    • Zak's Etrade savings account:$1282- $1,284.02 up $2.03
    • Zak's CollegeAdvantage fund: $602- $494.69 down $107.31 (plus some that I put into my life insurance)
    • Coupon savings this month: $0- $70.43 up $70.43
    • Speedy points: 129988- 134443 up 4455
    • Anne Geddes points: 11,532 same- 11,562 up 32
    • Cash back points: (I need to sign up, i will edit this later)
    • Shop at points: balance now $10.00998

    Totals: up $1536.92 actual money. Didnt include retirement, zak's money or other things that aren't true savings to me. That's higher than last month!! And! I went on vacation in that time!

    I bought a new lawn mower today and a new video camera. I did the best I could finding a deal. Closeout lawnmower at sears and at the video camera was the best deal i could find!

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    Jackie said...

    how did zaks college fund go down, is he entering college early? haha or is it like a 401k and the stock market effects it?