Monday, March 2, 2009

Meals for the Month

Lets see if this works better for me. I like to plan meals but don't always have the time every week. So, i put together a menu for the whole month of march. My problem next month is going to be finding more recipes.

Every week I am incorporating a fish and an "easy" meal (one or two some weeks), a pasta and a chicken

Week 1
Easy parm. crusted fish
cheesy chicken rollups
grilled cheese
parm crusted chicken cutlets

Week 2
Fish with butter and garlic---I broil the fish with a little butter and garlic on top YUM!
Easy chicken parm
chicken and brocolli alfredo
stovetop stuffed chicken rolls

Week 3
Taco bake
Italian chicken rolls
cheesy stuffed shells
chicken and biscuits
mac & cheese(Good ol kraft)

Week 4
Ravioli with bacon
foil pack chicken and brocolli dinner
chicken with parm garlic and herb crust
frozen pizza
hamburger helper

Tonight i'm doing spaghetti with garlic bread. A little tip I learned from Rachel Ray is rub hot toast with garlic then with butter. Then you don't have to heat up the whole loaf if you are just one person like me.

Any good recipes? Please post.

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Jackie said...

i am gonna try some of these. they look good! I post a recipe on my blog every week that we like, you should try them!