Monday, March 9, 2009

Focus Friday

  • Pay my dad for the condo charges
  • Go shopping at walgreens and cvs again
  • Send out invite to my sons party
  • Get receipts together for my daycare costs for my flexible spending account
  • Show my grandma facebook
  • Go thru my coupons
  • touch up my living room walls
  • Get Zak's 4 yr old pictures taken
  • Start sorting my pictures on my computer
  • Run 10 Miles ( Did 2.5 today :) )

Here is my scedhule this week:
Friday- Day off!! workout, Taking Zak to Zero gravity, eating dinner with chris's parents, pay my dad, show my grandma facebook
Saturday- Laundry, clip and sort new coupons, nap, Metro 7pm, get receipts together
Sunday- Sunday School, sleep, Metro 7pm, get receipts together, clip and sort new coupons
Monday- sleep, Lake East 3:30 for evaluation, On call 7p-11p, get receipts together, Go shopping at walgreens and CVS, sort pics on computer
Tuesday- Send out invite to my sons party, Metro 7pm
Wednesday- sleep, Kindermusik 4:30, workout
Thursday- workout, Class 3p-11pm
Friday- OFF! Workout, Get Zak's pictures taken!, paint with friends maybe?, hopefully have friends over that night

Review from Last week
  • Sign up for time at Lake East
  • Keep on cooking my meals
  • finish my book and get a new one
  • I didn't get a new book yet.
  • run at least 10 miles.
    I ran 7.
And here's a little video of my son from my new video camera :)


Jackie said...

did you say you moved your blog to
I signed up but i cant see where to move it help me

Jackie said...

i signed up with a bunch of mystery shop companies. Go to she spotlights a company every week!