Friday, March 27, 2009

Focus Friday

Focus Friday
Friday- Window Nation at 4:30 for estimate--I'm going to cancel it. I got windows yesterday :-), call 2 more tree companies for estimates, call this reading program for my son, workout, copy DVDs, print coupons out, order dress for wedding.

Saturday- Laundry, clean, 7pm Metro, delete files on my computer

Sunday- Sunday school, 7pm Metro, clip coupons

Monday- 7pm metro, sort coupons, make sure all bills are paid

Tuesday- 7pm East

Wednesday- Kindermusik, shop for wrapping paper for zaks gifts, laundry, rest. It's a long work week.

Thursday- 7pm Metro, pick up Zak's pictures

I'm gonna be dead this week. Hopefully I can keep up with housework. Nothing is worse than coming home to a dirty house every morning. I hope to get estimates on trees and pick out one to trim my tree. I want to workout, but I dont even know when. I will try to before i shower before work. We'll see. Here is a review from last week.

  • Coupons--- check

  • Window estimate--- check

  • Home Depot Class--- no :( Zak got really sick

  • Switch with someone so I can go to my friend Carmella's party-- wasnt able to

  • Look for a good swingset for Zak--waiting for Toys r us to email me

  • Wrap Zak's gifts---need wrapping paper lol

  • incorporate strength training into workouts on work days--- i'm not doing this workout Workout Videos from Fitness Magazine

  • Run 10 miles--- just started the strength training instead of just running.

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