Friday, March 20, 2009

Focus Friday

Focus Friday
Focus Friday

Last weeks review
I was pleased with last week. I did a lot that wasn't even on my list. Including, going shopping at walmart and Aldi. I got my dad a fabric steamer for Father's Day. He irons every morning, so I hope this will help him save time. My friend adam had one out in St. Louis and it was amazing. I actually picked up one for myself.

I also jailbroke my ipod. For those of you who are confused, it means I customized it. I now can do so much more on it. I swear, the best investment I have made. My son loves it, it keeps me organized. I love it. And now I can play old games on it like Megaman and Dr Mario lol Jackie.

I also finished up my class stuff for Caring for Kids. It is ready to be taught. I have flyers that i'm looking at as I type this. I got Zak's daycare to post one for me. Hopefully it's a hit.

I also started another blog. Here it is Our Adventures

And to wrap up last week. You can scroll down. I did everything. Including running! Woo hoo. Tuesday I ran outside, it was about 50 degrees.

This week

  • Coupons

  • Window estimate

  • Home Depot Class

  • Switch with someone so I can go to my friend Carmella's party

  • Look for a good swingset for Zak

  • Wrap Zak's gifts

  • incorporate strength training into workouts on work days

  • Run 10 miles

Friday- Clean, have friends over, paint wall, run

Saturday- Window estimate 10am, workout, go out with Lake East friends

Sunday- Sunday school, Home depot class at 1, workout, coupons, go to walgreens/cvs, clean kitchen living room and basement. Do laundry. Pick out a house projecT

Monday- workout, on call 7p-11, Laundry, wrap zak's gifts

Tuesday- workout, metro 7pm

Wednesday- Kindermusik

Thursday- workout

Friday workout

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