Monday, June 29, 2009

I forgot about my meals

I must have had a brain fart :-) Here's some meals i'm gonna make soon:

Week 2
Garlic Chicken Cheese Rollups

Sloppy Joe Hamburger Helper

Speedy Red Beans
Creamy Garlic Penne Pasta

Got home from our trip. It was great. Just trying to catch up with life now :-)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Focus Friday

Focus Friday
Review of LAST week:

Friday- Workout, Laundry, hang new curtains, maybe some garage sales, start packing for St. Louis!, go to my little sisters baseball game with Zak--done!!
Saturday- Metro 7pm--done!!
Sunday- Metro 7pm, give my dad his Father's Day gift (CANT WAIT)--done!! He absolutely loved it
Monday- Metro 7pm--done!!
Tuesday- Sleep, pack the car, and off to st louis!--done!!
Wednesday- Hopefully the pool or Zoo--done!!
Thursday- Ditto--done!! Pool both days

Onto this week:
Friday- Pool!!
Saturday- Zoo
Sunday- Drive home :( Laundry, read to zak, go thru mail, get newspaper
Monday- Plan meals, enter giveaway, Metro 7pm, workout, reschedule my appt, email sandy on cpr renewal
Tuesday- Metro 7pm, enter giveaway, workout, try to clean
Wednesday- Work with Zak on a homework paper Lake East 3am-7am, enter giveaway, workout, read to zak, maybe do coupons with jackie?
Thursday- On call 3p-7p, work with zak on this project, and his homework paper, read to zak

Have a good week!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Some new goals of mine

By the End of 2009

  • Run a 5K
  • Make my body fat 20% (my scale says 22%)
  • Take a multivitamin everyday
  • Workout at least 3 times a week
  • Cook meals and eat lots of raw veggies/fruits

  • Have a family member over twice a month for dinner
  • at least once a week take zak somewhere "fun"
  • work with zak on his "homework" at least 3 days a week
  • read to zak on nights i'm off
  • do a craft with zak once a week
  • Take time to meet with friends once a month away from Zak
  • Have friends over at least once a month to hangout
  • Have a cookout
  • Visit a friend once a month who I havent seen in a while
  • truely clean the house once a week
  • figure out what to do with zak's room (for decor)
  • Keep our closets organized
  • have a garage sale!!
  • look into updating things like entertainment stand, kitchen things, etc
  • Keep teaching at Lake. Keep babysitting class going.
  • Make the big decision at the end of the year to stay with Lake or go to Metro
  • Do an ACLS class
  • Keep up my CPR license
  • Keep up on policies for both jobs.
  • Look into Lakeland for CPR instructing
  • Keep contributing to Roth, Zak, and such
  • At the end of the year, if I make the switch to Lake, check into 401k
  • keep doing my coupons
  • keep doing swagbucks
  • Enter 3 giveaways a week.

Ok, now that I made the goals I need to fit them into my crazy life, which is always possible.

Focus Friday

Focus Friday

I have been so busy with my son and work I haven't had a chance to do a focus friday. Time to GET FOCUSED and start again.....Here it goes

Friday- Workout, Laundry, hang new curtains, maybe some garage sales, start packing for St. Louis!, go to my little sisters baseball game with Zak
Saturday- Metro 7pm
Sunday- Metro 7pm, give my dad his Father's Day gift (CANT WAIT)
Monday- Metro 7pm
Tuesday- Sleep, pack the car, and off to st louis!
Wednesday- Hopefully the pool or Zoo
Thursday- Ditto

VERY easy week because my motivation is vacation :) We are getting our new Kitten on July 9!!!
I have to find time to pack though for this trip because i'm working those days in a row it will be hard, but not impossible. :)

Sunday, June 7, 2009


here's some awesome giveaways
If you notice on my sidebar, I posted a banner for autism.

Since its inception, Autism Speaks has committed an unprecedented $128 million in new research funding through 2014 to uncover the cause(s), prevention, treatments and cure for autism, making it the nation's top private funder of autism research.

Please help if you can!



Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June Financial Goals

Review of May:
  • OPEN an IRA 5/1/09. I will be opening it at charles schwab.--I did it and am contributing!
  • Look at home insurance to make sure its right according to Suze Orman--im waiting on this.
  • split $1000 between house fund $265, emergency fund $265, Roth IRA that I will be opening 5/08 $450, $20 Zak--did it!
  • There's going to be a lot of copays this month due to doctors appointments, i'm noticing.--not bad, tomorrow will be bad.
  • Also I have a wedding this month, so i'll be spending money on a gift.--only $25 and then a wedding gift of Jaimie and LEe
  • Also, i'm going to buy my firepit and bike corider :)---Got it but zak is scared of the corider
  • Looks like between career days, caring for kids, and just work i'm going to be picking up 63 hours at Lake East, which is good!!---yes i made good money, which will make up for this month
  • I predict spending a lot on my yard this month as well, mulch and plants for the garden.--Did the garden stuff and mulching, wasnt too bad.
On to June:
  • Start Jaimie as my sitter. She will be using my food here so my groceries may go up because at daycare, they got meals covered. It will be good though. Daycare costs remain the same.
  • I will be going to St. Louis again. So, that's an expense, but hopefully no more than $200 for the 5 days.
  • I have copays tomorrow and possibly eyeglasses to pay for :(
  • I did a summer shopping spree in may, so NO clothes this month!
  • split $1000 between house fund $265, emergency fund $265, Roth IRA that I will be opening 5/08 $450, $20 Zak
  • keep shopping at the farmer's markets and cheap stores

Ok Red is last month and Purple is this months:

For my accounts according to

  • Etrade (high yeild savings account):$17,524.75 19,526.83 up $2002.08

  • Etrade (house fund): $1,106.56 $1373.81 up $267.25

  • Etrade (emergency fund): $1,530.80 $1793.87 up $263.07

  • Chase (low yeild checking): $3,572.61 $2388.61 down $1184

  • Charles Schwab (high yeild checking): $2,892.02 $1330.56 down $1561.46

  • Charles Schwab savings: $1,506.98 $3908.34 up $2401.36

  • LHS retirement account: $2,560.66 $2925.81 up $365.15

  • OPERS retirement account: $4,514.49 $4863.66 up $349.17

  • Zak's Etrade savings account:$1,305.94 $1328.46 up $22.52

  • Zak's CollegeAdvantage fund: $640.98 $703.87 up $62.89

  • Coupon savings this month: $54.55 (I will transfer that tonight to the acct)

  • Speedy points: 143524 143919 up 395

  • Swagbucks! New: started 4/09 cashed in points for $5 card, now 3

  • Shop at points: $13.62 same

Totals: up $4988.31 actual money. YAY :-)