Thursday, June 25, 2009

Focus Friday

Focus Friday
Review of LAST week:

Friday- Workout, Laundry, hang new curtains, maybe some garage sales, start packing for St. Louis!, go to my little sisters baseball game with Zak--done!!
Saturday- Metro 7pm--done!!
Sunday- Metro 7pm, give my dad his Father's Day gift (CANT WAIT)--done!! He absolutely loved it
Monday- Metro 7pm--done!!
Tuesday- Sleep, pack the car, and off to st louis!--done!!
Wednesday- Hopefully the pool or Zoo--done!!
Thursday- Ditto--done!! Pool both days

Onto this week:
Friday- Pool!!
Saturday- Zoo
Sunday- Drive home :( Laundry, read to zak, go thru mail, get newspaper
Monday- Plan meals, enter giveaway, Metro 7pm, workout, reschedule my appt, email sandy on cpr renewal
Tuesday- Metro 7pm, enter giveaway, workout, try to clean
Wednesday- Work with Zak on a homework paper Lake East 3am-7am, enter giveaway, workout, read to zak, maybe do coupons with jackie?
Thursday- On call 3p-7p, work with zak on this project, and his homework paper, read to zak

Have a good week!

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