Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Focus Friday

Focus Friday

I have been so busy with my son and work I haven't had a chance to do a focus friday. Time to GET FOCUSED and start again.....Here it goes

Friday- Workout, Laundry, hang new curtains, maybe some garage sales, start packing for St. Louis!, go to my little sisters baseball game with Zak
Saturday- Metro 7pm
Sunday- Metro 7pm, give my dad his Father's Day gift (CANT WAIT)
Monday- Metro 7pm
Tuesday- Sleep, pack the car, and off to st louis!
Wednesday- Hopefully the pool or Zoo
Thursday- Ditto

VERY easy week because my motivation is vacation :) We are getting our new Kitten on July 9!!!
I have to find time to pack though for this trip because i'm working those days in a row it will be hard, but not impossible. :)

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