Friday, April 3, 2009

Focus Friday

Last Week's Review

Focus FridayFriday- Window Nation at 4:30 for estimate--I'm going to cancel it. I got windows yesterday :-), call 2 more tree companies for estimates, call this reading program for my son, workout, copy DVDs, print coupons out, order dress for wedding. --Did it all!

Saturday- Laundry, clean, 7pm Metro, delete files on my computer --still gotta do the computer thing

Sunday- Sunday school, 7pm Metro, clip coupons--Did it :)

Monday- 7pm metro, sort coupons, make sure all bills are paid--Did it all

Tuesday- 7pm East--Did it and picked up Zak's pics

Wednesday- Kindermusik, shop for wrapping paper for zaks gifts, laundry, rest. It's a long work week.--Did it all!

Thursday- 5:30pm Metro, pick up Zak's pictures--Did it all!

This week:

Friday- window guy coming to measure windows, clean kitchen and bathroom, turn on deep freezer, another load of laundry, put other laundry away, call dad for big tables for Saturday,Spring Cleaning!

Saturday- Teach sibiling class from 1030-12, get hair dyed after, shop for last minute party things and maybe an outfit, clean clean clean!, charge cameras, call pizza place, make sure everyone gets a pic of Zak, Spring Cleaning!

Sunday-pick up cake and pizza at noon, vaccuum, make jello things for zak's class, Spring Cleaning!

Monday- court at 1:00, find pics of zak for jackie, buy juice boxes for kindermusik, Spring Cleaning!

Tuesday- 7am Lake East, Spring Cleaning!

Wednesday- Metro 7p, Kindermusik (last class), Spring Cleaning!

Thursday-off work. Coupons, maybe take zak to chuck e cheese for his bday, get easter basket ready, Spring Cleaning!

Next week I will be thinking about the garden more :-) If this cold weather EVER goes AWAY!!

Good Luck this week!!

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