Thursday, April 9, 2009

Focus Friday

Review from last week

Friday- window guy coming to measure windows, clean kitchen and bathroom, turn on deep freezer, another load of laundry, put other laundry away, call dad for big tables for Saturday,
Spring Cleaning!--did it!!

Saturday- Teach sibiling class from 1030-12, get hair dyed after, shop for last minute party things and maybe an outfit, clean clean clean!, charge cameras, call pizza place, make sure everyone gets a pic of Zak, Spring Cleaning!--Did it!!

Sunday-pick up cake and pizza at noon, vaccuum, make jello things for zak's class, Spring Cleaning!---Had a great party too!!

Monday- court at 1:00, find pics of zak for jackie, buy juice boxes for kindermusik, Spring Cleaning!---I did well!!

Tuesday- 7am Lake East, Spring Cleaning!---Did it!

Wednesday- Metro 7p, Kindermusik (last class), Spring Cleaning!---Went over my life insurance policy and retirement accounts too.

Thursday-off work. Coupons, maybe take zak to chuck e cheese for his bday, get easter basket ready, Spring Cleaning!---we went to chuck e cheese, and to my friend's house to see her new baby, and grocery shopping, so the easter basket wasn't done :(

This week!

Friday- Metro 7pm, finish the laundry, mark zak's clothes and put them in the attic,
Spring Cleaning!, workout

workout, Metro 11pm, EASTER BASKET!!!!, Spring Cleaning!

Sunday- Workout, Metro 11pm, Easter brunch, spend time with family, sleep, Spring Cleaning!

Monday- On call 7p-11p, workout, figure out how to start plants indoors, call to sign up for more on call, Spring Cleaning!

Tuesday- Meet with Pat at 2pm (insurance guy), laundry, Spring Cleaning!

Wednesday- Storytime with zak at willowick library 1pm, FREE, clean and Spring Cleaning!

Thursday- Metro 7pm, Spring Cleaning!

Hopefully it will be a nice week and we can get outside more. I love being outdoors and the weather being nice. It puts me in such a better mood.


Jackie said...

hows the spring cleaning going??

evrythingisababy said...

well i really really cleaned the day of zaks party, so pretty good so far