Sunday, November 1, 2009

Another focus sunday

Focus Friday
(well focus sunday, busy again)

Well Halloween week was very very busy for us!! So here's focus sunday again!

Sunday - sunday school in a few mins, walmart shopping ( I want to get a few totes they are on sale), and working tonight at 11
breakfast- bad i didn't eat any, just coffee
lunch- turkey sandwich and an apple
dinner- salad, hamburger helper, bowl of oatmeal for later at work
snack- granola bar, apple, halloween candy

Monday-zak daycare, drop off my car to get fixed, call metro for an appointment and working at 11, working out too.

breakfast- cereal when i get up
lunch- hamburger helper leftovers still
dinner- salad and oatmeal for work
snack- granola bar, popcorn

Tuesday- workout, Zak daycare, fix the shed hopefully if it's warm
breakfast- oatmeal
lunch- tuna sandwich
dinner- soup
snack- veggies and hummus

Wednesday- workout, make my financial review for the month, clean the basement, go to library with zak for a storytime
breakfast- waffles
lunch- egg salad sandwich
dinner- soup and salad
snack- raisins, granola bar

Thursday- Yoga class 9:15, Zak's basketball class at 12:15, and maybe a storytime, work metro 11pm
breakfast- cereal
lunch- soup and salad
dinner- tilapia with veggies
snack- raisins, granola bar

I'm aiming again to workout more. I really slacked off this week and I feel it. I can't find my headphones ethier...not a good thing...

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