Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Focus Friday

Focus Friday

Wow, whatta week!! It was busy and lots of lacking of sleep.

Friday - Workout, Work Metro 7p
breakfast- oatmeal
lunch- egg salad sandwich
dinner- spaghetti
snack- wheat thins, cottage cheese, apple

Sibling class 2pm, stop at walmart
breakfast- cereal when i get up
lunch- salad
dinner- Chicken Linguine A La Me
snack- apple, banana, cottage cheese

Sunday- Sunday school, workout, laundry, take apart zak's bed
breakfast- waffles
lunch- tuna salad/sandwhich
dinner- maybe head to my parents for dinner

snack- banana, string cheese

Monday- Metro 11p, workout, take apart daybed
breakfast- oatmeal
lunch- pb sandwich
dinner- Leftover chicken Linguine A la me

snack- raisins, granola bar

Tuesday- Zak daycare, workout
breakfast- cereal
lunch- tuna sandwich
snack- apple, granola bar

Wednesday- Metro 11p, throw in another workout day
breakfast- oatmeal
lunch- soup
dinner- Kielbasa and mashed potatoes
snack- raisins, granola bar

Thursday- Mom watch Z, no yoga. Thanksgiving! Work Lakewest 7p, go thru ads!
breakfast- none
lunch- none
snack- none

BLACK FRIDAY next week!! I hope to get my washer and dryer!!

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