Thursday, November 26, 2009

Focus Friday

Focus Friday

Got a lot done this week and tired from it :)

Friday - Today's over. We went to chuck e cheese tonight (too much money ugh)
, and did my tripoint evaluation

Saturday- Sibiling class at lake west, work tripoint 7p, vaccum, dishes, put coupons away, do one load of laundry

breakfast- cereal
lunch- salad
dinner- turkey burger
dinner at work- turkey sandwich, soup
snack- apple, banana, cottage cheese

Sunday- Metro 11p, ADAM MOVES IN!!
breakfast- chili
lunch- more chili
dinner- sandwich at work

snack- banana, string cheese, cottage cheese

Monday- zak daycare, guy calling for snowplowing for grandmas, maybe a haircut with adam, work 11p metro
breakfast- cereal
lunch- leftover chili
dinner- turkey sandwich

snack- raisins, granola bar

Tuesday- oncall metro 7p, workout when I wake up, zak daycare, work 11p metro, print off receipts for daycare
breakfast- cereal
lunch- tuna sandwich
Weeknight lasagna toss
snack- apple, granola bar

Wednesday- workout, laundry, zak daycare
breakfast- oatmeal
lunch- soup
Weeknight lasagna toss leftovers
snack- raisins, granola bar

Thursday- Metro 7p, yoga 9:15, bball 12:15
breakfast- cereal
lunch- sammiches
BBQ chicken wings
snack- granola bars, pretzels

Washer and Dryer are in!! Hopefully by next focus friday we are moved and settled, as much as we can be!!

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