Sunday, October 25, 2009

Another focus sunday

Focus Friday
(well focus sunday, busy again)

This is the last 3-3 week of my life. Back to my "normal" life. Yeah right. I'm including my meals in my focus fridays now

Sunday -cleaning today, working out, pricing a new stethoscope mine broke :( then going to work at 3
breakfast- bad i didn't eat any, just coffee
lunch- turkey sandwich and an apple
dinner- salad, piece of chicken, bowl of oatmeal for later at work
snack- granola bar, apple, rice cakes

Monday-zak daycare, carve pumpkins, call GYN clinic and try to reschedule an appt, sign zak and I up for Ymca classes, i'm thinking fitness yoga and basketball

breakfast- waffle
lunch- easy mac
dinner- italian chicken with rice, salad
snack- granola bar, popcorn

Tuesday- workout, work at 3, Zak daycare
breakfast- oatmeal
lunch- tuna sandwich
dinner- soup
snack- pretzels and hummus

Wednesday- Halloween library 6p-8p, pick up cupcake stuff for zak's class
breakfast- waffles
lunch- egg salad sandwich
dinner- tacos
snack- raisins, granola bar

Thursday- workout, Halloween mall 6-8pm, make cupcakes for zak's class
breakfast- cereal
lunch- easy mac
dinner- tacos
snack- fruit roll up, almonds

This will be a fun week :) I love halloween!!

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