Friday, January 28, 2011

Focus Friday

Focus Friday
The end of the week already...

Meal plans for the week
  • Oatmeal (crockpot)
  • Waffles
  • Pancakes
  • Cereal
  • Bagels

  • turkey  sandwiches
  • tuna sandwiches/wraps
  • chicken wraps
  • salad
  • soup
  • frozen entrees if needed

  • fresh fruit
  • pudding
  • fruit snacks
  • string cheese
  • granola bars
  • 100 calorie snack packs

Friday- Zak off to school, bootcamp class at 5:45 (I skipped, I did the wii though), hanging out with Zak and Adam tonight, on call til 3am
Saturday- Bridal show at the mall, grocery shop, Linda's party, visit Jackie
Sunday- free!! Clean a little (at least laundry, trying to get randi here this week), get tax stuff together and start filing, work on invites
Monday- Zak's off to school, catch up on everything, call fr ted again, call florist, visit Jackie, tour at tripoint that night
Tuesday- Zak to school, bootcamp 9:15, west meeting 2pm, zak swimming 6:20

Wednesday- Zak off to school, adam's at school, work 7p
Zak off to school, work 7pm

Master List of February things to accomplish
  • Gotta get to the gym 3 times a week.--i'll do it this week
  • Library Fridays every 2 weeks
  • Dinner with Meme on Mondays
  • Family nights Sat/Sun--tonight...
  • expo tv every monday/friday
  • Get ATM set up--hopefully this week!
  • finish invites--maybe sunday well work on this
  • Day with Fr Ted--calling monday
  • finalize florist--call her this week
  • book Randi--emailing her now.
  • book Kalahari!! (for April)
  • hopefully get my new job
  • Pay CC 2/10 and 2/15, transfer $$ 2/2 for savings

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