Thursday, January 20, 2011

Focus Friday

Focus Friday
The year is just moving right along

Meal plans for the week
  • Oatmeal (crockpot)
  • Waffles
  • Pancakes
  • Cereal
  • Bagels

  • turkey  sandwiches
  • tuna sandwiches/wraps
  • chicken wraps
  • salad
  • soup
  • frozen entrees if needed

  • fresh fruit
  • pudding
  • fruit snacks
  • string cheese
  • granola bars
  • 100 calorie snack packs

Friday- Zak off to school, library with him after school, bootcamp class at 5:45, clean upstairs closet
Saturday- FREE!!!!
Sunday- Precana with Adam 12:45-8:45 Zak with mom and dad
Monday- Zak's off to school, Doctor's with Jaimie, Grandma's for dress fitting 6pm :)
Tuesday- Zak to school, bootcamp 9:15, zak swimming 6:20

Wednesday- Zak off to school, meeting at lake west 1pm, work 7pm
Zak off to school, his school ceremony 9am, work 6pm

Master List of January things to accomplish
  • Gotta get to the gym 3 times a week.---I did 2 days, I was really sick this past week
  • Library Wednesdays/ Fridays every 2 weeks
  • Dinner with Meme on Mondays
  • Family nights Sat/Sun
  • expo tv every monday/friday--getting done!
  • Pay off washer and dryer--may be done February
  • get ahold of Kevin about our cake--i keep calling, im nervous...
  • plan a day for the girls to come to grandmas to see my dress-jan 24
  • finalize florist
  • book our honeymoon!---this is done
  • clean out closets
  • book Randi
  • precana this month---sunday!

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