Sunday, June 6, 2010

Focus (sunday)

Focus Friday (or sunday ;)

Going to be a busy week for Zak. He starts daycamp which means it's mommy's time to start getting organized on the days hes gone!!

Meal plans for the week
  • Oatmeal
  • Waffles
  • Pancakes
  • Cereal
  • turkey sandwiches
  • chicken salad sandwiches or wraps
  • tuna sandwiches
(still have to make these haha we went foodless this week)

  • fresh fruit
  • yoplait yogurts
  • granola bars
  • sugar free jello with sugar free coolwhip
  • mini ricecakes
  • veggies with hummus
  • salsa and mini bagel
  • cottage cheese

Sunday- Just woke up, got Zaks stuff ready for tomorrow and going to take him to my parents with instructions haha. Gotta go get Zak some more fruit for his lunches, Working 7p-7a

Monday- Adam has job interview :) :):) go get my new running shoes around 2, get zak at 4, run at the Y til he's done, go to meme's and steam clean her carpets for her. Do some laundry and bed sheets, do zaks lowercase letters

Tuesday- Hopefully go with Zak and all the kids to the zoo for the camp trip, then come home, mop and sweep, adam works til 8:30, if its not too wet I'll cut the grass, work with Zak on writing words

Wednesday- zak to daycamp, clean bathroom, accomplish as many things as i can off my master list, workout when I drop him off, work with zak on math, 6pm bubbles at willoughby library, adam works til 6

Thursday- Zak to daycamp,
Sign up for on call, nap, workout pick up zak, work with zak on letters, laundry, Adam's Bday! (make him his favorite meal!), work 7pm

Friday- zak to daycamp, workout when I get up before he's done, baseball game 6:15, dust, NUGGET PARTY! Thanks to

Saturday- clean kitchen, logans party, work 7pm

So that gives me 4 days to workout. I want to complete 2 of them for sure! I also have to get Logan a present this week. I am posting my master list again for the month so i can refer back to what i'm going to accomplish this week.

Master List of June things to accomplish
  • Run and strength calendar (3d/wk)
  • plan a playdate
  • email Pam, Frank, and Dave
  • Plan something everyday for Zak's "homework"
  • plan a day for dinner with Adam
  • DVD to movies
  • Photobook (by June 14)
  • Put stuff up on Craigslist
  • get cans from field
  • transfer all my stuff from my Credit Card to the new one
  • more points for expotv
  • search 5 times a day on inbox dollars
  • clean garbage cans
  • look up tiki torches online and solar lights online
  • closets (zak and mine)
  • put away stuff upstairs
  • close accts at discover
  • check my 10 transactions from pnc
  • refinance
  • email annette
  • Save $500 to smartypig
  • $25 to zak's savings acct
  • clean everyday

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