Monday, March 22, 2010

a little news.....


I have a lot to do now! We have started a change jar for our funds haha. We also have decided, starting August to contribute $300/ea and by February 2012, we will have enough for our wedding.

Also, i'm going to try something new, so I can contribute more change. because I never have change.

I see I budget every month for:
Car: $166 (for repairs and stuff, sometimes I dont use it)
Gas: $113
Groceries: $96
Gifts: $110 sometimes I go over around xmas, sometimes I use nothing.
Clothing: $61 (between me and Zak, same thing sometimes I use it, most times no...this month I did)
Personal: $40 (haircuts, blah blah)
Fast food: $40 (NEVER go over here)
Pharmacy: $28
Entertainment: $21
House: $300 (I give myself a big cushion here do to repairs and when we buy hay haha)

That doesn't include any bills, you know, gas, electric, cell etc. So. My plan is.

I'm going to still put all the purchases on my credit card, so we get the 3% cash back, and it syncs with to keep me on budget.

I'm then going to make envelopes for each of those categories and take money out as I use it. At the end of the month, whatever is left, will go in the jar. So, we have $975 to be frugal with. The rest is billllllls.

Now, I already know were going to go over in Pharmacy (we have drs appts this month coming) and Entertainment (for Zak's party).

Anyone have ideas on how we can cut back, but make this work well for us?

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