Saturday, March 6, 2010

Coupon Website Review

Review on:

The site first when I went to it is very appealing. It has nice big bold print with very easy to find coupons.

What I really liked about this site:
  • organization
I find with a lot of couponing site that they are very hard to navigate. This one has stores listed alphabetically.
  • structure
I like how it easily navigates you to the "how it works" part. For the first time couponers, this is a great tool and video!
If you know you want to purchase something from a particular store, they are very easy to find and most stores have coupon codes!

Will I use this site?
Most defenately when i'm looking for something to save me money with my online shopping. The stores i'm most interested in are:
Victoria's Secret
Apple Store
The Children's Place


What does this site have that other sites don't?
The ability to upload your own coupons to the site!! Very cool feature if you are an online seller.

Hope you liked my review, please check out the site!

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