Thursday, July 2, 2009

July Financial Goals

Review of June:

  • Start Jaimie as my sitter. She will be using my food here so my groceries may go up because at daycare, they got meals covered. It will be good though. Daycare costs remain the same.---Going well my son loves it, it's worth a little extra money

  • I will be going to St. Louis again. So, that's an expense, but hopefully no more than $200 for the 5 days.---spent more than that (don't have an exact number but it was fun!!)

  • I have copays tomorrow and possibly eyeglasses to pay for :(---all is ok, no glasses, copays are done.

  • I did a summer shopping spree in may, so NO clothes this month!--I think I bought a $12 hoodie, but that was it.

  • split $1000 between house fund $265, emergency fund $265, Roth IRA that I will be opening 5/08 $450, $20 Zak---done!

  • keep shopping at the farmer's markets and cheap stores---doing well
On to July:

  • Bachelorette party in Put in Bay this month. So I expect a nice expense from that.

  • Wedding as well. I am going to buy them something from Bed Bath and Beyond, as well as something for another friend's shower in august. We're in the wedding and I haven't bought zak's tux yet...

  • Cookout expenses, between food, water balloons and stuff i expect a nice one there

  • good news. My garden is doing well. I'm going to pick some veggies soon :)
  • Start contributing $275/mo for 11 months to windows bill (started 7/09)
Ok Purple is last month and Red is this months:

For my accounts according to

  • Etrade (high yeild savings account): 19,526.83 18,937.01 down $589.82

  • Etrade (house fund): $1373.81 1,640.08 up $266.27

  • Etrade (emergency fund): 1793.87 2,065.47 up $271.60
  • Chase (low yeild checking): $2388.61 4,222.52 up $1833.91

  • Charles Schwab (high yeild checking): $1330.56 1,183.39 down $147.17

  • Charles Schwab savings: $3908.34 $1,008.34 down $2900

  • LHS retirement account: $2925.81 2,918.64 down $7.17

  • OPERS retirement account: $4863.66 5,207.87 up $344.21

  • Zak's Etrade savings account: $1328.46 1,349.51 up $22.52

  • Zak's CollegeAdvantage fund: $703.87 $690.45 down $13.42

  • Coupon savings this month: $163!!

  • Speedy points: 143524 143919 up 395

  • Swagbucks! New: started 4/09 cashed in points for $5 card, now 14

  • Shop at points: $13.62 same

  • Charles Schwab Roth IRA (5/09 opened): $2,428.37

Totals: up $2371.78 actual money. YAY :-)

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