Thursday, July 2, 2009

Focus Friday

Focus Friday
Review of LAST week:
Friday- Pool!! --fun!!!
Saturday- Zoo --fun!!! but hot!!
Sunday- Drive home :( Laundry, read to zak, go thru mail, get newspaper --Didn't get a chance to read
Monday- Plan meals, enter giveaway, Metro 7pm, workout, reschedule my appt, email sandy on cpr renewal ---Did that
Tuesday- Metro 7pm, enter giveaway, workout, try to clean ---keep trying to clean just can't get the time
Wednesday- Work with Zak on a homework paper Lake East 3am-7am, enter giveaway, workout, read to zak, maybe do coupons with jackie? --no coupons :( Did go shopping for meals. Didn't read, but did do homework
Thursday- On call 3p-7p, work with zak on this project, and his homework paper, read to zak --we are going to hangout with Jaimie and Lee, hopefully will get to everything

Onto this week:
Friday- Metro 7p, homework paper with Zak, maybe put zak's movies on DVD
Saturday- East 7p, workout, start laundry
Sunday- Metro 7p, workout
Monday- Metro 7p,workout, finish laundry lol
Tuesday- clean, have family over for dinner, 6:30 eastlake storytime
Wednesday- Baseball blast 2pm library, homework with zak, maybe hangout with kylee and her daughter, go buy wedding gifts and tie for adam for the wedding.
homework with zak. We get kitten!!! Maybe storytime at eastlake 6:30pm
Have a good week!

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