Thursday, July 9, 2009

Focus Friday

Focus Friday
Review of LAST week:

Friday- Metro 7p, homework paper with Zak, maybe put zak's movies on DVD---done!
Saturday- East 7p, workout, start laundry---did it
Sunday- Metro 7p, workout---done
Monday- Metro 7p,workout, finish laundry lol---done
Tuesday- clean, have family over for dinner, 6:30 eastlake storytime---had a tour to do, no storytime :(
Wednesday- Baseball blast 2pm library, homework with zak, maybe hangout with kylee and her daughter, go buy wedding gifts and tie for adam for the wedding.---no kylee, but did sign up for the Y, its awesome. We swam and I worked out
homework with zak. We get kitten!!! Maybe storytime at eastlake 6:30pm---kitten is on hold, she may be sick. Went to the Y, and will do HW and storytime tonight.

Onto this week:
Friday- mow my lawn, Beach/zoo, Y open swim 2-4 or 5-9
Saturday- sibiling class 10:30-12, workout, get zak, nap, hangout with family/friends
Sunday- work Metro 7p, start laundry, workout, start shopping for cookout
Monday- swim lessons 5pm, metro 7p
swim lessons 5pm, metro 7p, finish laundry
swim lessons 5pm, clean
court 10am, shop for cookout, swim lessons 5pm, metro 7p

Have a good week!

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Jackie said...

good luck jean!!