Friday, July 24, 2009

Focus Friday

Focus Friday

My goodness, how this summer is just FLYING by!! I have been so extreamly busy, my inbox has over 100 messages in it right now. So Let's do this Focus Friday

Review of LAST week:

Didn't get to do one last week.

Onto this week:
Friday- pay bills, pick up zak's tux, go to library to play with train, NAP (boy do I need it), rehersal dinner
Saturday- get hair done at 10:45, get zak ready for wedding, wedding.
Sunday- Cake and icecream for Tim's bday 3:00, do resume, grocery shop for upcoming weekly meals, workout
Monday- swim lessons 5pm, East 7p
swim lessons 5pm, East 7p (call off), laundry
interview for NEW JOB!, swim lessons 5pm, metro 7p
Swim lessons, clean, workout

Have a good week!

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