Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tuesdays night of thought

Well, as i sit here at work I'm thinking of my list I did the other night and ofcourse am adding to it. My plan is to try to keep the house clean by picking up every morning when I get home from work before bed. And, days off do no more than 5 things a day. But here's the big list (ofcourse doesn't include laundry, dishes, etc)

- Paint my house sign to put on the outside of my house. It only needs a few things.
- Paint my living room
- buy the paint lol
- Get an oil change when I get my car back (hopefully tomorrow or thurs)
- Insulate my attic
- Fix the fence ( I need nice weather)
- Renew library stuff
- Trim back plants ( again need nice weather)
- Check prices on swingsets for zak's bday
- buy stuff from childrens place with my 15% discount. They had cute stuff I added to my cart
- print lowes coupon (check walmarts prices first)
- finish my feb budget ( I did really good with this today, caught up a lot)
- wrap chris's gifts ( bday is on sat I gotta get a move on it ), get him a card and the rest of the gift
- sign up for lake east time when i get my schedule
- plan meals. i'm stumped here. i'm trying to eat better and workout more.

ok lets accomplish this all by......MARCH 15!! That's my goal (lol well maybe not all the painting and insulating but i'll at least buy it all!)

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Jackie said...

you should do focus friday with me haha