Sunday, February 1, 2009

My workout

I never posted my food diary or workout that one week this past month. Here is the workout i have been doing 3-4x a week. I hope to keep it up. It only takes me a 1/2 hour.
Here it is:
Here is what we did and what I would like you to do with your workouts:


1. Push-ups-- Sets 2-- Reps Failure * -- Body Weight
2. Pull-ups on Smith-- Sets 2-- Reps Failure-- Body Weight
3. Squats / Overhead Press-- Sets 2-- Reps 12-15-- Wt. 5-8 #
4. Walking Lunges w/ Bicep Curls-- Sets 2-- Reps 12-15--Wt. 8 #
5. Squats w/ Curls-- Sets 2-- Reps 12-15-- Wt 8 #
6. Flyes on Physio Ball-- Sets 2--Reps 12-15--Wt 8 #

Perform two exercises back-to-back and then jump on the bike or treadmill ( or elliptical ). Repeat this until you finish all six exercises. *Failure is defined many as you can.

There it is.
Then here is what I ate one week:
5pm Cheese quesidilla 8in
3 am 1/2c quick oats with 20 raisins and cinnamon
3am Yoplait light apple yogurt
11pm Cup fettichini Alfredo
6pm Choc chip cookie
1am mini crmb donut

930pm 3/4 c oats with raisins and 1/2 banana
115am Orange
430pm 1c 1/2 spaghetti a 1 1/2 tbs 1230sauce
530pm 3 bites of cheesecake
3am 7oz chickn noodle soup with 4 saltine crackers

630pm Spinach lasagna
630pm Salad with light Italian dsg
800pm 1/2 c trail mix

9am 6 French toast sticks with tsp maple syrup
12pm 1c veggie soup
2pm banana
730p 1c Wisconsin cheese chowder

12pm 1/3c trail mix
630pm small apple
930pm chicken and stuffing
12a romaine lettuce salad with tsp fat free ranch and 5 cucumbers
12am oatmeal raisin cookie
2:30am wisconcin cheese soup 2/3 c

3:15pm bowl of frosted mini wheats
5:45pm 1/4apple 1/2 banana whole grapfruit 2 tsp lowfat cottage cheese sprinkled with cinnamon
730pm 1/2c vanilla icecream with chocolate syrup
800pm handful trailmix

445pm 8in cheese quesadilla, 1 cup veggie soup, 1/2c vanilla icecream
9pm 2 1in sqares of fudge
1030pm chex mix bar
3:00am cup veggie soup, 2/3c oats w raisins and banana

6:30 p chicken n rice soup
8:00pm one chicken finger 5 French fries house salad with thousand island

I should do it again, but it wasn't easy....

Maybe i'll start today...

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Jackie said...

you will have to show me your workout when I get home.