Saturday, February 28, 2009

February Monthly Expenses

Real Quick before I start, someone asked me how I do all of this in one night. That's not what I do. Every receipt I get I keep and when i check my email i make a draft of the entry and add it in. I couldn't imagine going thru every receipt when I do this. All I do at the end of the month is add it up :)

Monthly Expense Record

Net income: Salary-$1,080.63 Metro wk 1 $$891.14 lake east week one, Lake east wk 2 $762.20 , metro week 2 $1,071.32


Total (coupons saved): $4.40 + $2.93 + $13.50 $7.50 + $3.69 + $2 saved from coupons + $36.41= $70.43

Groceries- $17.10 walmart $1.79 coffee, $1.19 cooffee, $10 coffee at starbucks, $7.38 farmers market, $3.50starbucks coffee $.50 candy, $31.72 valuking, $16.27 farmers market, $6.33 valuking, $3.80 Walmart total: $99.58

Fast food/dining out/school lunches-$37.00 took everyone to dinner $10.00- Longos $3.07 chikfila, sonic $3.73 total: $53.80

alcohol/snacks/beverages/water- total: $0


cleaners/maintinence/house/yard- 22.97 home depot, $37.01, $7.69 Drugmart laundry detergent target total: $67.67

appliances/furniture/furnishings/supplies- $34.90 Gabriel bros, $4.57 CVS, $15.14 Walgreens total: $54.61

postage/atm fees/ bank charges/ misc- total: $0

intrest/taxes- total: $0


gas- $18.19 $22.62, $13.12, $104.76- total: $158.69

auto maintinance/wash/license- $500 deductible :( total: $500

taxi/transit/tolls/parking- $27.44 out of pay


clothing/dry clean- bridesmaid dress $156.51, $41.92 for luggage set rug blanket and a shirt but i used a giftcard total: $156.51

tolietries/cosmetics/hair/nails/massage- total: $0


doctor/dentist/vision/medicine/vitamins- $2.76 cold medicine total: $2.76


vacation trips- $36 MUSEUM $3.73 SONIC $24.03 WALMART $40 OUT TO EAT $4.83 WALGREENS $10 Gateway Arch $4.91 jack in the box, $9.52 st louis,$9.95 mug at arch- total: $142.97 (still cheaper than flying)

entertain/video/movies/music/parties- total: $0

lottery/sports/hobbies/lessons/clubs- total: $0


computer- $64.64 microcenter , $5.00 headphones Total=$69.64

seminar/workshop/tution/supplies- total: $0


newspaper/books/magazines/games- total: $0

eldercare/childcare/sitter/tutor- $286 flex spending comes out of pay, $352 in daycare total: $352

infant expenses/allowance/school expensense/toys/arcades- total: $0

pet- total: $0

giftcards/flowers- $26.33 Valentines day gift, $53.10 Joann fabrics gift $25 Bed bath and beyond giftcard $25 Bed bath and beyond giftcard $18 babygate, $35.80 walmart gift,$34.49 zaks clothes for bday total: $217.12 Jeez.

charitable/church- total: $0

work expenses- total: $0

legal/court- total: $0

other (explain)- total: $0

Fixed expenses:

Mortgage: 393.74, 393.74 total: $787.48

Gas: $133.81 total: $133.81

Electric: $34.60 total:$34.60

water: $0 total: $0

Garbage: $0 total: $0

Telephone/internet: i decreased my speed to $14.99/mo price instead of $30. and my telephone to 30 outgoing calls a month, for $2.21 incoming are free and i use my cell phone more anyway total: credit $10.00

Cell Phone: Good news. Verizon bought out alltel. Which means all my people i talk to besides Jackie and Adam are free. So, when we get to choose new plans I think i can decrease my mins! total: 75.01 for jan

Cable: $31.30---last month bc of credit. this is what it's going to be all the time 54.93 total: $31.30

Health Club: $0 finally

Car insurance: $0 total: $0---im expecting my rates to go up bc of making a claim. i gotta call.

Home insurance: (in mortgage)

Life insurance:$78.98, $5.83 Gerber total: $84.81

Health insurance: $50 (comes out in pay)

Dental insurance: ditto

Total Debt= $3022.36 (ouch)

Total income:$3805.29

Total (coupons saved): $70.43

Thoughts for next month:

Buy paint for living room wall--Still have to

Get estimate on new garage door!----I did that. Hopefully next week its getting done.

Get estimate on windows and making my sun room a 4 season.---gotta call.


I have been very sick the last 3 days. When I get well I hope to post new menus and a budget since its been 3 months now :) Yay. Still have to get my taxes done. I was going to do that today, but was barely alive.

ok time to lay down. Ill post soon.

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Jackie said...

Car insurance: $0 total: $0---im expecting my rates to go up bc of making a claim. i gotta call.

that doesnt mean it will go up, especially if its your first one.

Very nice budget!