Thursday, February 5, 2009

My job dilemma

I have been debating on switching back to my old fulltime job. It's a struggle I have everyday and I need to make a decision. So, here are my pros and cons:
Pros for Lake East
  • Every third weekend, if any at all (I do every other at the moment). Why is this good? I pay daycare costs every week and he doesn't go half the time.
  • $4 pay increase
  • The docs really like me and so do the nurses
  • I love Labor and Delivery
  • It's a tight community
Pros for Metro
  • OPERS retirement
  • Benefits are only $55 for Zak and I and that includes dental and eye.
  • More holidays off
  • I only have to work 60hrs
  • Potential to go whereever I want in the system
  • The high risk experiences

Cons for Lake East

  • I dont know whats going to happen when the new hospital is built. Will we be bought out by a bigger hospital???
  • benefits are almost 75% more a pay
  • 24 hours on call every 6 weeks and i have to work 72 hrs biweekly
  • Can be unsafe at times
  • Never get lunch breaks
  • 401K is all i get for retirement
  • I dunno if they will even have a position for me.

Cons for Metro

  • Though I work 60hrs biweekly I can't get by on one job anyway...
  • I'm bored with what I do
  • I'll never get a summer vacation
  • I don't like the people as much
  • The drive sucks in winter
  • I get home later in the morning which makes me go to bed later.
  • no one visits me at work lol

Ok, so i'm stuck....whats your opinion?


Jackie said...

oh man that is a hard decision...kinda like the one I am dealing with currently. I say do what makes you happy. I think you will be happier at east, eventhough sometimes the assignments suck, you can count on those people. You love L&D. The benefits are nice at metro but the gas to drive there isnt...and you have to work more than 60 hours anyway. I would see if lakeeast would hire you. If you take away the benefits at metro...would you stay there?

evrythingisababy said...

no i wouldnt....