Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My savings today!!

Ok, so i'm a little overjoyed. Here's what I got today
10 apples
4 oranges
3 grapefruit

Giant Eagle
Zak's diego yoplait yogurt--$1.89
6 yoplaits for me--$2.20
all after coupons.
(savings 1.80)

5 Gardnier Fructice or however you spell it lol products for FREE after coupons
2 things of vitamins for zak and I will end up being FREE after my mail in rebate
and 2 boxes of tissues that I had a raincheck on for $.79/ea
total: $11.43----$1.30 out of pocket after my gift cards....which all I really paid for was the tissues :) and You can beat $.79 for 110 kleenex :)
(savings $17.00)

It was a good day :) But we did go to Mcd's for a playdate breakfast. So I spent a whole $3.00 there.

So hopefully that's all the money I spend today!

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Jackie said...

wow thats pretty awesome. Way to go!! We are going to walgreens today too and grocery shopping I hope we do as well!!