Saturday, January 17, 2009

I got yelled at

So, my friend knows a guy who is a personal trainer. Long story short, he asked me to go with him because he knows i like to workout.

Ok so I went and the guy asked what I ate yesterday. Let me just say yesterday was a horrible day at work. I saved my friends life, but a i didn't eat. I had at 8:00pm the night before a wrap from Red Robin and yesterday evening a 6' sub from arbys. Thats it. All day. So he got mad at me.

I have homework now. I have to have a food diary. Maybe i'll post it. I am working on eating better.

Then he gave me a 20 min workout, which he is going to email me and then I will post it. It incorporates cardio and strength all in 20 mins. I'm excited :)

but......i got yelled at haha.

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