Friday, January 30, 2009

January's Expense Record

Monthly Expense Record

Net income: Salary-$779.65 lake east wk 1 $1,226.08 metro week one, Lake east wk 2 $260.61, metro week 2 $1,108.37 , gas co owed me, allstates good driver bonus and daycare reimbursement $640.57


Total (coupons saved): $7.50 saved from coupons
Groceries- $9.02, $.89, $49.78 aldi, $33.64 valuking, $4.06 target, $20.00 sushi, $4.96 Giant Eagle total: $122.35

Fast food/dining out/school lunches-$3.00 mcds $5.45 mcds wendys $1 coffee $1 coffee $.75, $15.70 Red Robin total: $25.90

total: $0


cleaners/maintinence/house/yard- 22.97 home depot, $37.01 target total: $59.98

appliances/furniture/furnishings/supplies- total: $0

postage/atm fees/ bank charges/ misc- total: $0

intrest/taxes- total: $0


gas- $24.38 $26.45 $27.66 $21.24- total: $99.73

auto maintinance/wash/license- total: $0

taxi/transit/tolls/parking- $27.44 out of pay


clothing/dry clean- total: $0

tolietries/cosmetics/hair/nails/massage- $10.00 makeup total: $10.00


doctor/dentist/vision/medicine/vitamins- $6.86 cold medicine total: $6.86


vacation trips- total: $0 Watch out! Next month we're going to St. Louis!

entertain/video/movies/music/parties- total: $10

lottery/sports/hobbies/lessons/clubs- total: $0


computer- $56.02 best buy Total=$56.02

seminar/workshop/tution/supplies- total: $0


newspaper/books/magazines/games- $1.50 plain dealer total: $1.50

eldercare/childcare/sitter/tutor- $286 flex spending comes out of pay, $352 in daycare total: $352

infant expenses/allowance/school expensense/toys/arcades- total: $0


pet- total: $0

giftcards/flowers- total: $0 Watch out I have 3 showers next month!!

charitable/church- total: $0

work expenses- total: $0

legal/court- total: $0

other (explain)- coupon holder $1 total: $1

Fixed expenses:

Mortgage: 391.24, 391.24 total: $782.48

Gas: $199.06 total: $199.06

Electric: $45.92 total:$45.92

water: $51 total: $51

Garbage: $36 total: $36

Telephone/internet: i decreased my speed to $14.99/mo price instead of $30. and my telephone to 30 outgoing calls a month, for $2.21 incoming are free and i use my cell phone more anyway total: credit $21.00

Cell Phone: no lower priced plan unless i get rid of my fav 5, which i think i'll go over minutes then. but i will get a credit next month of bc they charged me wrong so ill get credited $11.97 my total: $0 They haven't posted my bill yet....

Cable: $31.30 total: $31.30

Health Club: $29.75 done in feb total: $29.75

Car insurance: $54.46 total: $54.46 ( I dont get this I paid in full last month, but now they are saying this is the rest to pay in full lol whatever. i'll pay it and see what happens)

Home insurance: (in mortgage)

Life insurance:$78.98, $5.83 Gerber total: $84.81

Health insurance: $50 (comes out in pay)

Dental insurance: ditto
Total Debt= $2059.12

Total income:$4015.28

Total (coupons saved): $7.50 saved from coupons (I shopped at aldi and valuking and bought off brands)

Thoughts for next month:

Do more Walgreens shopping

1/19/09 I put $200 into house fund and $100 into Emergency fund.

After my bills get taken out of my account i'm going to post the latest account summaries.
I'll be doing this again next month and see what is different. And, after 3 months make a real budget.


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Jackie said...

how did you get allstates good driver bonus?