Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ipod and Coupons

You know, ever since I became pregnant I lost my music interest. I dont know if its that I dont have time, or that its mostly kids songs playing around here.

I want good music on my new ipod, but I am lost right now with whats even out there. Good bands, new albums, etc.

And I need a new coupon organzing system. Mine takes WAYYYYYY too long. I have a bunch of coupons to organize, but its going to take forever so i keep putting it off.

I saw over at a system that works for her. I need a new one that works for me.

Any help with ethier of this issues is greatly appreciated :)

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Livin Life 13 Weeks At a Time said...

Here are some music selections:
Tim Barry- Rivanna Junction Album also his new one Manchester is good too
Rilo Kiley- More Adventurous Adam suggested this one
Motion City Soundtrack- Even if it kills me
Jakob Dylan- Seeing things

Try those for now, I will try to think of more..

My coupon system, I just use two separate coupon books, one for me that i know we will use and one that I use for trains. I also bring the train one to the grocery store incase I see something that we could use. I wish I was home, we could work on this together.