Sunday, November 30, 2008

December Bills.

These bills are really FROM I dont know how to put this into budget. thats why i started in december. January 2009 is a time to really start things lol this will just give me an idea.

Allstate: $92.36 (done for the year. Try to pay premium next yr, it saves money)

Alltel: $25.01 (call them, they charge for weird things, but this is low d/t a credit from last month)

AT&T: $71.82 (next bill internet will not be $30, but $19.99)

Bank of America Credit Card: $37.02 (gym charge included)

Chase Credit Card: $101.69 (gas charges but i used this one for black friday, that will be a big one next month)

Dominion East Ohio (gas): $57.85

The Illuminating Co (electric): $29.88

US Bank Mortgage: (includes house insurance and taxes) $782.48 (next month pay $391.24 for biweekly payments)

Next month Direct TV bill will be added to the mess. Total in just bills this month: $1198.11

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