Monday, November 24, 2008

Goals by the end of the year

These are my financial goals. Very subject to change. I am adding and deleting as days go by.

By the end of December:

  1. Close ING account, or make it a house fund (check for high rates)--11/26/08 transferred money will close account 12/2/08---12/7/08 done.
  2. Close BOA --11/26/08 transferred money will close account 12/2/08---12/7/08 done.
  3. Ipod Touch (well i guess thats a debt)--Done on black friday---12/7/08 done.
  4. move more to savings---12/7/08 done. Moving all lake east paychecks to savings.
  5. start budget. save every reciept and document daily. (maybe ill type up my budget list on here)--starting 12/1/08---12/7/08 half done, you will see it Dec 31 :)
  6. Start planning menus again--started 11/25/08---12/7/08 done.
  7. Post grocery lists and deal from supermarkets.---12/7/08 done kinda, we dont need much.

My big list of 2009 financial goals

  1. Make menus, keep grocery bill under $40/wk

  2. Get emergency fund established 6 mo of income when there put into CD --as of 11/26/08 opened 2 savings accounts: house fund and emergency fund. Looks like has higher rates for the savings accounts than any CD does. Will see what 6mo of income is and go from there 12/7/08

  3. Biweekly mortgage payments--will start 12/15/08

  4. Pick 2 days out of month to pay bills--will start 12/15/08

  5. Make little paper of all bills, cross off when paid--that's easy, why haven't i done it?

  6. $100/mo into house fund into high interest savings ---ok thought about this, and im going to try to add $200/month bc i will need it.
  7. All savings from coupons put into house fund and savings ---or fun fund? lol
  8. Save all house receipts to claim

  9. Garage Sale

  10. CD Ladder (higher than 3.29%) Well see how this goes...I will start tomorrow after work...---scratch that the economy sucks.