Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Years Goals

New Years Goals

  • Family
every month/week recipes
6/10 Camper with Adam and Zak

every 2 weeks do a library day with Zak :)

  • Work
5/10 renew Rnc, do more ceu hours
2/10 start faciliator job hopefully 
anytime I would like to sell more online

all year Teach more caring for kids classes

  • Home
Just repairs, next year BASEMENT!!!

  • Financial
12/10 Save 15000 total
all year save $500/mo wedding, Zaks $25/mo in savings and budget for camp ($115/week for 10 weeks i believe), house funds and emergency fund $100 in each/mo,roth $416/mo= $13,692 + $1,150 for camp = $1236/mo then bills.
then: $50/wk groceries
         $50/mo gas

         $60/mo cleaning lady
         $72/mo electric
         $790/mo mortgage
         $182/mo in car gas
         $20/mo life insurance
         $40/mo entertainment (people over, going out etc)
         $30/mo pharmacy 
         $20/mo fast food (we are no longer buying out coffee)
         $110/mo gifts
         any auto repairs i'll pull from savings
         $180/mo cell phone and home internet
         $100/mo house stuff/decor etc

=$2990 total
More coupon savings!!!

  • Self
1/10 3/10 5/10 7/10 9/10 11/10Y classes
3d wk gym and my race this year

2/10 off birth control
2/10 2010 Scrapbook (Ive been so lazy on this)
3/10 clear computer, back it up, and organize!!

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    Jackie said...

    i wonder what my body fat is, as i sit here eating christmas cookies lol