Friday, September 7, 2012

September Goals in Life



-Continue with freezer meals (budget $50/wk with groceries)—Our freezer is stocked with chicken, turkey burgers, couple freezer meals, were set
-Keep Zak involved School is here so hes busy with that and soccer
-Only eat out with giftcards, goal is 2x/mo unless invited—We are trying to comply with our budget
-workout 3x/wk once with adam —With the SPD i am limited to what I can do :(

- Holiday Camplands twice this summer if we can- All done for this season :(
- Meme's house once a week for dinners--She just started chemo today again :(
- Get together with some people: Frank and Pam, Sarah and Rick, Christie, Amanda, Stacey ---no time now.
- read 3 books by next year – Havent finished the book yet.
- date nights/family nights 1 day a week---Anniversary trip tomorrow :)
- church with zak 2x/mo- I’m a terrible christian...he started psr next week...
- movies to dvd –all charged for jimmy
- fill frames –I am going to try and do this on maternity leave

Make Money
- inbox dollars $34.71 with 39 unread –Gotta do more here
- expo tv 18429–Going to keep going here when i can

- Pay off credit card every 2 weeks doing ok here too

- get jimmys room started and paint for his and zaks and bathrooms--done with this.
- Get pictures back up in hallway--waiting on expenses for now we have a good start
-painting Zaks room and our bathrooms-then were holding off on painting for a bit
Dreaming big...
in the future we want grass, patio with firepit and hot tub :) Also painting all the rooms. Saving for the patio first :)

2012 budget

We have listened to Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University and got some pointers at least about budget. We are following it this month, but know it's going to take at least 3 months to get use to. The "you" is adam when i emailed him.
Savings - $804 ($281.50 for house/emergency from you each month)
Housing- $1395 ($500 from you for mortgage,  $17 home sec)
Utilities- $542 (I got these minus your $71.5 for phone)
Food- $320 ($35 from you for restaurants, i'll cover groceries)
Transportation- $444 ($400 car payment, $50 car insurance, $150 gas, $4.5 license)
Clothing- $60 ($20 from you ill cover zak and me)
Medical- $25 ($12.50 from you)
Personal- $525 ($25 blow money for you, $55 gifts, $15 hair, $2.5 cats, $2.5 sitter)
recreation- $138
Debts- $163
(notice home depot and levin aren't on here, neither is entertainment or vacation fund its all in the budget though and well consume all our money so dont worry i got it, this will just make it easy on you)
= budget total = $ 4600

We did ok this month actually. Couple areas over budget but not bad overall...

- Clinical ladder start 2012
- NCC renewal- not due yet
- NRP renewal-done
- ACLS renewal- done
- BLS renewal- done
- CEUs--try to find some cheap got this organized. Its in the basement
- Work extra when needed---no im done now.

Monthly Meals
-Make a calendar of our meals of the month-doing well here with paprika
- House

Master List of September things to accomplish
    • Pay CC 9/6 transfer $$ (savings $281.5/MO) then 9/20(savings, bills)
    • Goals for September
      ·      Keep a schedule with meals
      ·      Get Zak to his soccer games and help him with school
      ·      Only go out to dinner 2x/month with gift cards or with an invite

      ·      Go on our anniversary trip
      Money maker
      ·      Get back to inbox dollars and expo tv

      ·      Paint Zaks room
      ·   Fmla paperwork in OB office

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