Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Goals 2011



- 2 days a week do bootcamp at the Y, EA sports or run other days
- make dinners that are healthy

- Zak library days 2x/week
- Meme's house once a week for dinners
- read 3 books by next year
- date nights/family nights 1 day a week
- adoption for Zak, July 10, submit paperwork

Make Money
- inbox dollars
- coupons
- expo tv
- hit 2 pay
- ebay

- washer and dryer (pay off in Jan)
- Pay off credit card every 2 weeks

- every 3 months clean out closets
- Randi clean once a month
- dryer sheets/bug spray on Zeeb
- no big updates this year due to wedding
- after wedding start finishing the basement!
- no garden this year

2011 budget

all year savings 
- $500/mo wedding
- Zaks $25/mo in savings and budget for camp ($115/week for 10 weeks i believe)
- House funds and Emergency fund $100 in each/mo (was $265/mo for both accounts, but i'm decreasing it next year)
- Roth $416/mo
= $13,692 + $1,150 for camp = $1236/mo then bills.

then: $50/wk groceries
         $50/mo gas
         $60/mo cleaning lady
         $72/mo electric
         $790/mo mortgage
         $182/mo in car gas
         $20/mo life insurance
         $40/mo entertainment (people over, going out etc)
         $30/mo pharmacy 
         $20/mo fast food (we are no longer buying out coffee)
         $110/mo gifts
         any auto repairs i'll pull from savings
         $180/mo cell phone and home internet
         $100/mo house stuff/decor etc

=$2990 total 

This is gonna be a tight year. I'm not looking to updating anything in the house, just repairs.  Notice I dont have anything for clothing lol. I just hope we dont spend $110/mo on gifts or $30/mo pharmacy etc. I'm getting off my birth control soon, so that'll save me $15/mo too.

- Clinical ladder (2010 & 2011)
- NCC assessment
- CEUs
- Work wed&thurs sat/sun

- Kalahari Trip
- Wedding
- Retirement- in July look into Lakes again
- Basement

Every month i'll have another list, but i'll keep up on this one too.

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