Monday, December 13, 2010

December Goals in Life

I noticed its a good way to assess every area in my life....
run vs strength calendar--doing horrible this month. The cold got me not wanting to leave!

run with jackie and adam--let's x this.

 playdates--baking cookies with amy's kids this week

game nights--not this month

Zak's homework- He's finally doing stuff in school like sentences and stuff, we need to work on math.

girls nights--Went to Harry Buffalo a couple nights ago, which was nice!

date night--Not this month, can't afford it.

dvd movies--done with that

reading again--Haven't read yet, thats going to be added to my new years resolutions

houseparty-I'm bummed, I can't win :(

photobook- x this

make $$ (for wedding fund)

craigslist--Nothing on Zak's vtech thing :(


cans--Gotta cash in our cans....

credit card--my credit card give me 2% cash back. That cash will go to the wedding fund as well. Also, with every purchase I make I round up the dollar and throw that into the money jar.---$47 this month!

expotv--This is just a fun little website that doesn't earn anything towards $$, but little gifts that are a good thing to have, and the points are easy to get.--May 4604pts--still slackin here...I have NO time right now

inbox dollars--I like this because the revenue is pretty high. I have $11 now and i can cash in at $25. I take surveys, search things and read emails. Also this month i'm going to use coupons from there and get $.10 per coupon!--November and 1/2 dec: $25.23

hits4pay-- this is another read email site. It's really easy to get the $$, but it seems like its going to take forever to get to $25--November/December: $12.54



We got all the lights up and xmas stuff up. I also hired my aunt's friend Randi to clean. She did really great!! Gave me time to get other things done! I am going to spend $60/month and have her come clean. It was worth it. We just gotta keep it up.


    What i'm trying to do is combine all my $$ into 2 accounts. One has over $15,000 the other only $2000, but I am making the second one grow to make $15,000 because then I get a 10% increase in interest at the end of the quarter--still doing this.

    close discover accts--closed!

    budget 1st pay--i'm thinking $1500...

    $1000 to charles schwab--I need to keep a good amount in this acct to fund my roth. This month I will fund it
    • split $1000 between house fund $265, emergency fund $265, Roth IRA $416, $20 Zak
    • This month I couldn't save. Our credit card bill was high. So, I need to catch up a little then pay myself.
    open pnc acct--Done with this. I should be getting my $150 soon...GOT IT!

    close life insurance--I am keeping a policy called a critical illness policy. It's only $15/mo

    Change over credit cards- I finally changed everything over.

    Refinance- I think we gave up for now...


    study calendar--I took my was hard.

    register for ACLS--Passed =)

    NRP--renewed =)

    CEUs--I got a total of 52!! I got enough for the clinical ladder

    Clinical Ladder--I have decided to participate in the clinical ladder. If I get my certification, it will surely help, but next year I will have more points if I join commitees and stuff, which I will. My level, if I get it, is $2000. Now, I may get 3 more points if I get this facilitator job, which will be nice!


    Wedding--Smartypig has us covered. We have $5693.77 now.

    big savings, now 2 accounts building up one to $15000--working on this

    Zak's savings--He needs his savings and his college

    retirement--I rolled over my PERS, so I now have a tradiational IRA and a Roth, and a 401k that i'm currently not contributing to.

    checking--I will be going through PNC for my main checking. Keeping $25 in first merit, $25 in chase, and $1000 in schwab.


    Freezer cooking--I have been freezing meals, working out well!!

    healthier snacks--I am choosing healthy!! Though...I love my candy :)

    Keep it up with Randi coming once a month

    Master List of December things to accomplish

      • Gotta get to the gym 3 times a week.
      • work with zak on math
      • work on getting this new job 
      • keep up on the cleaning of the house
      • wrap xmas gifts!!!
      • finish sending out the rest of the save the dates

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