Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Focus Friday

Focus Friday

Yay. Two weeks in a row!

Friday- maybe haircut in am, Metro 3p-3a
Saturday- Britt's housewarming party (still need a gift)
Sunday -Metro 3p-3a
Monday-zak daycare til i wake up and then maybe shop
Tuesday-9:40 gym and swim class
Wednesday- go somewhere with zak, instructor meeting at Tripoint
Metro 3p-3a

So, by next friday I will have my bills paid and well see if there is any to throw into my savings. Hopefully there is. I have been trying to save more. I have made more meals at home and not buying anything at work. So, well see!

I am glad I got my iphone. My bill is $77, my alltel one was $74. So It was totally worth it for me. I also signed up for a place called IGSenergy which is going to save me on my gas bill. Just wish my daycare costs could somehow go down.

Adam is still working on coming home. may not be til the end of the year now :( But i'm crossing my fingers...

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