Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Focus Friday

Focus Friday
Jeez, what a week. Totally exhausted.
Last week's review:
Friday- hanging out with my friend Adam, going with my dad to Lowes to start my landscaping and garden and to get stuff for my grill.
Saturday- Metro 7pm, Ihop pancakes for mother's day :) , work on speech for career day
Sunday- East 7pm, get manikan for speech, drop off first aid kit
Monday- Free day!!
Tuesday-, Free!! Go to walmart for garage sale signs.
Wednesday- Gyno 9am, 10am dentist, Career day at noon
Thursday- Career day at noon again, 7pm Metro

Friday- hanging out with my friends from Metro. Spending the day with Zak. Haven't decided what to do yet with him.
Saturday- My cousins wedding!!
Sunday- Metro 7pm
Monday- Metro 11pm, So, i may be doing Memorial Day. I get to use my grill :-)
Tuesday-, Sleep, Laundry
Wednesday- Shop for groceries (see next post), yardwork and maybe go to a Captains or Indians Game with Zak if there is one.
Thursday- Maybe have friends over for a fire and food....pending weather.

This week i'm liking already!! I will get time with Zak, my sister and brother in law come home and i barely work :-)

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