Friday, May 15, 2009

Focus Friday

First, I got a blog award :) Thanks Jackie!

Well this week I got a lot done! Lets review:
Friday- hanging out with my friend Adam, going with my dad to Lowes to start my landscaping and garden and to get stuff for my grill.---done.
ay- Metro 7pm, Ihop pancakes for mother's day :) , work on speech for career day---done. And here's a pic:

Sunday- East 7pm, get manikan for speech, drop off first aid kit---done.
Monday- Free day!!
---finished up the windows, slept for a bit
Tuesday-, Free!! Go to walmart for garage sale signs.---done. and did the mulching (see pic), planted my garden!, and set up my fire pit
Wednesday- Gyno 9am, 10am dentist, Career day at noon--done. and no cavities

Career day at noon again, 7pm Metro

Now, this week coming up already stinks. Lots of work. Told myself I wasn't doing that to myself anymore, but I had no choice. I need to go to my cousins wedding and this was the only way they were going to let me. I'm so excited because my sister and brother in law are finally coming home!!

Saturday- 7pm East
Sunday- Payton's bday party at chuck e cheese at 2, and work at Metro at 7p
Monday- 7pm Metro
Tuesday- 7pm Metro, hopfully stop to get coffee creamer at super walmart :)
Wednesday- off, so probably laundry and clean the house, and Target for cheap waffles, and go feed the ducks :)
Thursday- Tree guys to cut back my back tree.

Not a very exciting week. But, the next week will be better.


Jackie said...

yay no cavities!!

Janine said...

yay youre coming home :-)