Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February Goals in Life



-Continue with freezer meals (budget $50/wk with groceries)--would like to build a new list to do this month
-Keep Zak involved in swimming (Tuesdays 5:45pm), soccer (starting up in april), Basketball (Saturday morning)--still doing this
-Only eat out with giftcards, goal is 2x/mo unless invited--for lent i'm giving up fast food, only going out for coffee
-workout 3x/wk once with adam (We are going to do the Iron Man challenge together this month)--being preggo i'm taking it easy, so i did the sprint challenge which is half an iron man

- Holiday Camplands twice this summer if we can July/Aug
- Drive to New York June?  This is changing, for $450 we are going to the outter banks :)---paid!
- Meme's house once a week for dinners - so far so good here!---so far so good
- Get together with some people: Frank and Pam, Sarah and Rick, Christie, Amanda, Stacey--Sarah and Rick have been hanging out with us. I would like to book lunch with Christie this month---maybe this month, i actually forgot about this
- read 3 books by next year My sisters keeper is done, trying to find a new one
- date nights/family nights 1 day a week
- adoption for Zak started paperwork and asked for letters---letters about done. Adam is going to be meeting with a lawyer.---this all needs submitted by march 10.
- church with zak 2x/mo---Still bad here.
- movies to dvd start this month---didnt do this yet, maybe this month
- 2011 scrapbook start this month--DONE!

Make Money
- inbox dollars $29.24 with 110 unread ---ive just had no energy lately
- expo tv 17739
- help Jim with pib houses wait until adam calls him
-Pampered Chef, starting this month. It is going to be fun. I get to meet a lot of different people. I think it's going to be for me!--I think i made $94 in commission plus cool products!

- Get rid of Quentin Rd
- Pay off credit card every 2 weeks paydays 2/9 2/23

- Sell 1036 Quentin Rd
- Get a new house
- Make a trip to IKEA
- Get a new mattress from Dave
- New house then a new list
all house is on hold until quentin sells
2012 budget

This is going to change. I have to make sure all  my accounts are moved over to pnc.

all year savings
- $400/mo house downpayment
- Zaks $25/mo in savings and budget for camp ($115/week for 10 weeks i believe) (from charles schwab acct)
- House funds and Emergency fund $100 in each/mo (from Charles Schwab acct)
- Roth $216/mo (from Charles Schwab acct)
= $13,692 + $1,150 for camp = $1020/mo then bills. ($756 transferred to Charles Schwab account from PNC acct)

then: $50/wk $200/mo groceries
         $75/mo gas
         $80/mo electric
         $800/mo mortgage
         $350/mo in car gas
         $20/mo life insurance
         $40/mo entertainment (people over, going out etc)
         $30/mo pharmacy 
         $20/mo fast food (including coffee)
         $110/mo gifts
         any auto repairs i'll pull from savings
         $160/mo cell phone
         $89.94 home internet & tv
         $35/mo home security
         $600/6 mo = $100/mo insurance
         $200/mo shopping (including clothing, toys, house stuff)
         $70/mo ymca

=$3399.94 total (includes adams car gas, home security we split, we split gifts, insurance, and phone, he pays me)

Look into moving my accounts all to pnc this month

- Clinical ladder 2011 almost done, start 2012
- NCC renewal- by 8/12
- NRP renewal-by 4/12
- ACLS renewal- by maternity leave
- BLS renewal- done waiting on card
- CEUs--try to find some cheap make sure enough for rnc
- Work extra when needed---try to get the $800 from the bonus program.

Monthly Meals

-Make a calendar of our meals of the month- start this every month---been nauseated so much that i could barely make a hopefully this month is better.

- House

Master List of March things to accomplish
    • Do a freezer day of 3-5 meals
    • book a show for Kelly Pudder
    • start putting videos to dvds
    • finish iron man
    • book lunch with christie 
    • Get this stinkin house done!---still.
    • Get Zaks adoption done!!
    • Pay CC 3/15 transfer $$ (savings to outside accts, house downpayment $200) then 3/29(savings, house downpayment $200 and bills)

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