Sunday, November 20, 2011

December Goals in Life



- 2 days a week do bootcamp at the Y, EA sports or run other days - Been better, still not to my 3 days a week, but maybe 2

- Zak library days once every couple weeks--He finished Banicula. We are getting work from his teacher for him to do

-Craft time- I saw on pinterest things to do with your kids, we may do some!

- Meme's house once a week for dinners- Busy with the holidays!
- start a book--Been so busy!!
Vanishing Acts
The Next thing on my List
The Last Kiss
The Choice
The Holocaust Diaries
My horizontal life Been too busy again this month!! (and yet again)
- date nights/family nights 1 day a week--Sat/Sun--We had a date night to Kalahari, last thing for us for a while, but definitely needed!!
Make Money
- inbox dollars: $26.38 (with 70 unread!)
- coupons: used some but didn't keep track
- expo tv: Current balance: 15389(Goal: 60000) (2020 pending) -did better this month, with our new internet it loads way faster!
- beeZag: Current balance: 1330 (goal 8000)
-Down the road, like 2-3 years, one of our goals is to own a couple properties out in Put in Bay.

- ipads and macbook- will pay off by next year. 12 mo no interest. -$215 I pay every month with Adams help---PAID!!!
- Pay off credit card every 2 weeks--Doing well here too.

- Clean out closets (Jan,March,June,Sept)--Cleaned it out 10/11
- Randi clean once a month-- We used her one time prior to the honeymoon, and won't use her now for a while.
- We need to sell our house.
- Fix little things, paint touch ups etc - Don't want to fix anything, just want it GONE! But now that thats been the plan for too long, we are going to
New gate hinges
New front door
New carpet
Sprayer for house
Paint for outside
Take down Xmas lights
Take down awning
2011 budget
Revised 11/1

all year savings
- $400/mo house downpayment
- Zaks $25/mo in savings and budget for camp ($115/week for 10 weeks i believe) (from charles schwab acct)
- House funds and Emergency fund $100 in each/mo (from Charles Schwab acct)
- Roth $416/mo (from Charles Schwab acct)---cutting back to $200
= $13,692 + $1,150 for camp = $1020/mo then bills. ($756 transferred to Charles Schwab account from PNC acct)

then: $50/wk $200/mo groceries
         $75/mo gas
         $80/mo electric
         $800/mo mortgage
         $350/mo in car gas
         $20/mo life insurance
         $40/mo entertainment (people over, going out etc)
         $30/mo pharmacy 
         $20/mo fast food (including coffee)
         $110/mo gifts
         any auto repairs i'll pull from savings
         $160/mo cell phone
         $89.94 home internet & tv
         $35/mo home security
         $600/6 mo = $100/mo insurance
         $200/mo shopping (including clothing, toys, house stuff)
         $70/mo ymca

=$3399.94 total (includes adams car gas, home security we split, we split gifts, insurance, and phone, he pays me)

- Clinical ladder--Trying to do some things for this year's one
- Work Tues, Wed, Thurs--This has been hard, doing more 3 in a rows this schedule---starting a bonus program so I will be working even more
- hopefully get a Nurse Facilitator Job!--extra and overtime, long days! Starting to do 4 12s a week so we have extra $$
- NCC updates- try to find some cheap

Jackie and I are going to make freezer meals this month :-)


Master List of December things to accomplish
    • Gotta get to the gym 3 times a week.
    • Dinner with Meme
    • Buy stuff for crafts with Zak 
    • Keep Zak doing his homework well, PSR, and soccer and basketball
    • work on clinical ladder and scrub class
    • expo tv every monday/friday--doing better
    • Call charles schwab on my IRA--hold until after the new year now
    • Change name on cc and bank accounts
    • -We are putting more money into this house to sell it. Our list is:
      New gate hinges
      New front door
      New carpet
      Sprayer for house
      Paint for outside
      Take down Xmas lights
      Take down awning 
    • Pay CC 12/1  12/15 transfer $$ (savings to outside accts, house downpayment $200) then 12/29 (savings, house downpayment $200 and bills)

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