Saturday, November 6, 2010

November Goals in Life

I noticed its a good way to assess every area in my life....
run vs strength calendar--Doing well with working out. At least 2 days a week. This session I dont have my bootcamp class, so I am going to do

run with jackie and adam--let's x this.

 playdates--Met with Heather, but this month I would like to do it more.

game nights--not this month

Zak's homework-Almost done with his tying of shoes, now we're working on social studies and science worksheets. We have conferences November 1. Also Heather has sheets for Zak to do too.

girls nights--Not this month ethier....

date night--We actually got lucky last month. Adam and I were both off Saturdays and one night Zak stayed at Gs.

dvd movies--so I started scrapbooking, I got all the pics uploaded. lol

reading again--I have ACLS this month then i'm reading.

houseparty-I'm bummed, I can't win :(

photobook- x this

make $$ (for wedding fund)

craigslist--Waiting to hear from someone who wants Zak's vtech learning system, but it may fall through.


cans--Gotta cash in our cans....

credit card--my credit card give me 2% cash back. That cash will go to the wedding fund as well. Also, with every purchase I make I round up the dollar and throw that into the money jar.---Uh oh, we may soon have to find a new card :(Not yet.....

expotv--This is just a fun little website that doesn't earn anything towards $$, but little gifts that are a good thing to have, and the points are easy to get.--May 4604pts--still slackin here...I have NO time right now

inbox dollars--I like this because the revenue is pretty high. I have $11 now and i can cash in at $25. I take surveys, search things and read emails. Also this month i'm going to use coupons from there and get $.10 per coupon!--October:

hits4pay-- this is another read email site. It's really easy to get the $$, but it seems like its going to take forever to get to $25---October:



We did well this month "fall proofing" the's whats left:

  • leaf day...couple more of these
  • Organize Closets--did mine. I gotta do the dresser
  • find out how much it is to fix sunroom roof and to make it 4 season --we want another estimate
  • fix grill keeps blowing off


What i'm trying to do is combine all my $$ into 2 accounts. One has over $15,000 the other only $2000, but I am making the second one grow to make $15,000 because then I get a 10% increase in interest at the end of the quarter--still doing this.

close discover accts--closed!

budget 1st pay--i'm thinking $1500...

$1000 to charles schwab--I need to keep a good amount in this acct to fund my roth. This month I will fund it
  • split $1000 between house fund $265, emergency fund $265, Roth IRA $416, $20 Zak
open pnc acct--Done with this. I should be getting my $150 soon...GOT IT!

close life insurance--I am keeping a policy called a critical illness policy. It's only $15/mo

Change over credit cards- I finally changed everything over.

Refinance- I think we gave up for now...


study calendar--I took my was hard.

register for ACLS--I registered for November. Started to study

NRP--renewed =)

CEUs--I have done a few CEUs, gotta do more by the end of the year

Clinical Ladder--I have decided to participate in the clinical ladder. If I get my certification, it will surely help, but next year I will have more points if I join commitees and stuff, which I will. My level, if I get it, is $2000.


Wedding--Smartypig has us covered. We have $5693.77 now.

big savings, now 2 accounts building up one to $15000--working on this

Zak's savings--He needs his savings and his college

retirement--I rolled over my PERS, so I now have a tradiational IRA and a Roth, and a 401k that i'm currently not contributing to.

checking--I will be going through PNC for my main checking. Keeping $25 in first merit, $25 in chase, and $1000 in schwab.


Freezer cooking--I have been freezing meals, working out well!!

healthier snacks--I am choosing healthy!! Though...I love my candy :)

The other day I spent 4 hours cleaning the house. I like to clean that way, but I dont like it taking up my entire day.  I am going to adopt Colin's Stradegy over at Hip2Save starting next week.---Gotta get back on this too..

Master List of November things to accomplish

    • keep working out, and add on the free classes
    • Work with Zak on tieing his shoes and whatever miss grande says
    • STUDY for ACLS
    • plan a day with heather
    • split $1000 between house fund $265, emergency fund $265, Roth IRA that I will be opening 1/10 $416, $20 Zak
    • start scrapbooking
    • order dress
    • do guestlist 

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