Thursday, December 17, 2009

Focus Friday

Focus Friday

Friday - Go to see my dad at work for lunch, workout, dinner with Jaimie and Lee, and then mall to shop
--Things to bring with me: Bath and Body work coupons, pictures, cash check--
breakfast- oatmeal
lunch- leftover dinner
dinner- red robin

Saturday- work at 11, workout

breakfast- omlets
lunch- tuna melts
dinner- leftover red robin

Sunday- Sunday school 9:30, wrap presents, dinner with aunt kathie
breakfast- cereal
lunch- turkey sandwich
dinner- chicken and steaks at aunt kathies
(bring her book)
snack- banana, string cheese, cottage cheese

Monday- Laundry, sign up Zak for hockey, pay bills, and workout
breakfast- cereal
lunch- sandwich
dinner- Easy Italian Veggie Soup

snack- raisins, granola bar

Tuesday- on call 7p
breakfast- cereal
lunch- turkey sandwich
dinner- Feta Chicken

snack- apple, granola bar

Wednesday- on call 7p
breakfast- oatmeal
lunch- soup
dinner- leftovers

snack- raisins, granola bar

Thursday- Xmas eve! Church with Zak at 4, adam's moms and then my grandma's
Dinner- with our families

Should be a good week. Not too overly crazy.

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